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EL AL Launches a New Program – EL AL GlobaLY —
For Matmid Frequent Flyer Club Members
Residing Around the World

Elyezer Shkedy, CEO of EL AL: “EL AL GlobaLY cards will enable all lovers of Israel, Jews, and tourists who are Matmid Club members around the world, to feel closer to Israel”

First GlobaLY card presented to Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel

Under the new program, each Matmid Club member who joins the GlobaLY program will get a new membership card displaying the Israeli flag on an EL AL airplane and their name in Hebrew and English letters.
EL AL will contribute the equivalent of 5% of the points each program member accumulates to organizations operating to strengthen Israel in the following ways:

  • Flying young Jews from around the world to Israel to experience the country and its people, in conjunction with the Taglit-Birthright organization.
  • Flying lone immigrant soldiers to visit their parents abroad, in cooperation with the Association for the Welfare of Israel’s Soldiers.
  • Fulfilling the wishes of children suffering from life-threatening illnesses, together with the Make-a-Wish Foundation

The program aims to reinforce the connection between EL AL customers residing abroad and Israel.

Each EL AL flight that a GlobaLY member takes will lead to EL AL contributing points to these organizations, which will use them to bring young people to Israel, send soldiers abroad and make the dreams of sick children come true. The points are contributed at EL AL’s expense and will be made on a quarterly basis. Program members will be kept up to date on the number of points EL AL has contributed to the various organizations on their behalf.

To mark the launch of the GlobaLY program, EL AL will allow customers who live outside Israel to join both the Matmid Frequent Flyer Club and the EL AL GlobaLY program at no charge, for a limited period.

Photo Credit: Shimon Golding

Veröffentlichungsdatum 25.09.2011