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EL AL Opens Second Campaign with Omri Caspi as Presenter
It will continue to use “The Best Hands in the World” slogan of the previous campaign, with Omri Caspi presenting EL AL’s representatives as he sees them.

The campaign was filmed on the EL AL campus at Ben-Gurion Airport and in Sacramento, Omri Caspi’s present place of residence.

The campaign, produced by the McCann Erikson advertising agency, will  appear in EL AL deals and advertisements.

EL AL’s new image campaign, “The Best Hands in the World,” airs this weekend with famed basketball player Omri Caspi as presenter.

This time the airline is focusing on the people in EL AL, those behind the scenes of “The Best Hands in the World,” the people who transform EL AL's values of excellence, service, professionalism and commitment into actions.

The campaign features 3 films about EL AL's air crew, pilots and ground crew, in which Omri Caspi tells his own story of personal achievement, success and commitment, a personal story that is intertwined with the story of EL AL and its people. Together, they transform the EL AL flight into a feeling of “being in the best hands in the world.”

The campaign goes on the air on March 11 on television, radio, billboards, press and internet.

For further details, contact Anat Friedman, Deputy Director or Dana Hermann, Senior Department Manager who are responsible for the EL AL portfolio at Rahav Communications.

Veröffentlichungsdatum 03.10.2011