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EL AL is Proud to Present: Economy Class Plus

EL AL’s new service Class, at the very front of the Economy Cabin, offers you a new flying experience: improved seating with extra legroom (36” instead of 32”), a 33% increase in seat-back recline, designated check-in counters and pampering extras on board.

During the first stages, we offer this new service on our Boeing 747-400 aircraft, mainly serving the New York, London and Paris routes.
The new service Class will be at the front of the Economy Class cabin, and will offer 34 - 40 seats on each aircraft, depending on the aircraft type.

The new service Class will go on sale today, May 23, 2012, priced at $80
one way for European flights, and $150 one way on long-haul flights.

Top Platinum, Platinum and Gold members of EL AL’s Matmid Frequent Flyer Club, as well as customers purchasing upgradable tickets (according to class regulations), will be eligible for these special seats when reserving, at no extra cost.  Furthermore, a companion traveler of Top Platinum members will also be eligible, at no extra cost.

Elyezer Shkedy, EL AL President and CEO:  “We recognize our passengers’ needs and expectations and do all we can to provide appropriate responses so as to offer the ultimate flying experience.
The new service Class expands the range of products offered by EL AL, thus providing quality, exclusive service to a variety of passengers.
We have set our sights on high service standards to enable us to cope successfully with the competition and to preserve our status as the first and preferred choice of passengers flying to and from Israel.”

David Maimon, EL AL VP for Commerce & Industry Affairs: “We strive constantly to upgrade our product offering and to improve our customers’ experience, flying with us. The new service Class brings a breath of fresh air and innovation, meeting our customers’ needs and expectations. It offers opportunities to additional passenger sectors and extends the range of possibilities for an upgraded flight experience to Economy Class passengers as well.”

Yehudith Grissaro, EL AL VP Customers & Service: “EL AL strives constantly to offer our customers the finest service, to suit the needs of a wide range of passengers. The new service Class offers Economy Class passengers the opportunity to enjoy a significant upgrade of their flight experience and the level of current service standards.”

EL AL’s new Economy Class Plus service offers passengers new and improved standards of comfort and flight experience.

The new service Class positions EL AL on a par with the world’s leading international airlines in all areas of comfort and service.

The new Economy Class Plus Seats

Economy Class Plus –cabin profile:

  • The service Class is located at the front of the Economy Class cabin, and offers 34 - 40 seats, in 5 - 6 rows, depending on the aircraft.The Economy Class Plus zone is separated by a curtain.
  • The ergonomically designed seats offer passengers a feeling of comfort and relaxation, while maximizing personal space.
  • More space between rows (36” instead of 32”)
  • Seats recline up to 33% more than regular Economy Class seats.
  • Unique footrests
  • Purchasing with money or Matmid points: $80 / 160 points one way for short haul flights, $150 / 300 points one way for long-haul flights.
  • When reserving, Top Platinum, Platinum and Gold Matmid Frequent Flyer Club members are entitled to these special seats at no extra charge. In addition, a passenger accompanying a Top Platinum member will also be entitled to a free Economy Class Plus upgrade.
  • Passengers who purchase upgradable tickets (according to class regulations) will also be entitled to seats in the new Economy Class Plus cabin at no extra charge.
Economy Class Plus – The service:
  • Check-in at designated express counters
  • Personal entertainment system
  • Electric outlet for portable computers
  • Economy Class meals
  • Alcoholic beverages as available in Economy Class
  • Special amenity kit
  • Pillow and blanket similar to those in Business Class

For further information for the Economy Class Plus click here

Veröffentlichungsdatum 23.05.2012