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ALUT Children Paint Calendar Pictures for EL AL Passengers

40,000 Calendars Illustrated by Autistic Artists to be Distributed to EL AL Passengers for the New Year

A special delivery of 40,000 calendars featuring drawings by autistic children of ALUT, the Israel National Autism Association, will be distributed to EL AL passengers before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. The calendars will be given out on all EL AL flights, as a token of gratitude to the many passengers who donate their small change to ALUT’s autistic children and to the children of the ALEH Association who suffer from physical and cognitive disabilities, as a mark of esteem for EL AL for the assistance they extend to children with special needs from both of these associations.

For the seventh year running, EL AL and Bank Hapoalim are conducting the “Big Small Change” project, in which EL AL inflight crew members ask passengers to donate the small change remaining in their pockets from their trips. The coins and bills of foreign lands are converted into shekels, courtesy of Bank Hapoalim, and the money is distributed equally to the National Association of Autistic Children and to ALEH – the Israel association for children with special needs.
The project has been very successful since it was initiated in 2005.

This year the distribution of calendars follows the warm and moving feedback received by the two associations on the Passover Holiday from passengers who received a gift of Passover Haggadot illustrated by autistic children.

The calendars feature dozens of drawings representing the rich artistic world of autistic children and adults. They will be given out by EL AL crew members as a gift to passengers right after takeoff.

ALUT National Director-General Einat Cassuto–Shefi relates: “EL AL and Bank Hapoalim’s total dedication to the Big Small Change project excites us each year anew. From the CEO to the crew members, all are committed to the cause and help to the best of their ability. We are filled with admiration for EL AL passengers as well who have opened their hearts to the children. ‘Small change’ has enormous power and is used for financing essential services and leisure time activities for autistic children.”

ALUT, The Israeli Society for Autistic Children, promotes the rehabilitation and welfare of children suffering from autism, from the diagnosis at age one and a half and throughout their lives. The Society establishes and runs day care centers for very young autistic children as well as hostels for older children and adults, activity centers, a center for diagnosis and research, centers for families with autistic individuals. It also supplies information, advice and support, and oversees vacation centers, day camps and clubs. The Society also helps to promote the rights of all autistic people in Israel.

The ALUT calendar is also offered for sale to individuals and companies.    
Price per unit – desk calendar: NIS 25; wall calendar: NIS 50. Special rates are available for purchases in quantity.
To coordinate purchases and deliveries, please contact Hila at 052-6622612 or Shula 052-3120732.

Veröffentlichungsdatum 30.08.2012