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EL AL Expands Fleet –
Signs Agreement for Purchase of Boeing 747-400 Passenger Plane

The overall cost the transaction, including necessary modifications and adjustments for the airline’s needs is estimated at 23 million dollars.  The purchase will initially be financed from EL AL's own resources, as the airline examines alternative avenues of financing.

EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy said today that the airline is continuing to re-equip and expand the fleet as it purchases an additional wide-body aircraft. The purchase is in line with the airline’s commercial strategy and is intended to meet the needs and demand for EL AL's destinations served by its wide-body fleet and to offer passengers a larger choice of more qualitative seats, while continually improving the level of service for passengers.
Shmuel Kuzi, EL AL Vice President of Maintenance and Engineering, noted that the aircraft is intended to serve EL AL's medium- and long-haul routes. The airline will invest in upgrading the interior of the plane to adapt it to the high standards of the EL AL fleet and to maximize the passenger’s inflight experience

EL AL's fleet today comprises five 747-400 planes. With the addition of the new aircraft, the fleet will have six such planes.

For further details, contact Anat Friedman, Deputy Director or Dana Hermann, Senior Department Manager who are responsible for the EL AL portfolio at Rahav Communications or call me, 24 hours a day.

Veröffentlichungsdatum 24.02.2011