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New on the EL AL Website
Payments through PayPal
As part of a new partnership agreement, EL AL customers can now purchase flight tickets on the EL AL website – www.elal.co.il and pay through PayPal without having to reveal credit card details on the site.

PayPal service enables all EL AL customers with an email address to purchase flight tickets on the airline’s website securely, conveniently and quickly, without revealing credit card details. 
In the first stage, the new service is offered to customers in Italy, China, England and Israel. At a later stage, the service will be extended to other destinations.
EL AL Vice President Commercial David Maimon: “Today’s consumer culture combines the desire to shorten the purchasing experience as much as possible with an increasing need to maintain the confidentiality of personal details. EL AL sees its website as an important growth engine which plays a major role in the airline’s commercial and marketing activity. Therefore, it is only natural for us to offer our worldwide customers the additional option of purchasing through PayPal, and thus provide a perfect shopping experience.”

About PayPal

is one of the world’s leading companies for internet payment solutions, with over 90 million active accounts in 190 countries worldwide. The company, part of the eBay Group, enables any person or business with an email address to send and receive online payments more conveniently, quickly and securely. The PayPal service is based on the financial infrastructure of existing bank accounts and credit cards. Through technologically advanced systems for preventing fraud and deception, it creates secure payment solutions globally and in real time. PayPal supports 24 different currencies including the Israeli shekel.
Veröffentlichungsdatum 02.08.2011