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Following Record Price Hikes in Jet Fuel, EL AL Must Adjust its Fuel Surcharge as of April 1, 2011

Tickets Issued Before March 4, 2011 Will Benefit from Current Fares

The Cost of Matmid Club Bonus Tickets Will Not Change

Due to geopolitical developments and the spike in crude oil prices, EL AL must raise its ticket fares as of April 1. However, EL AL is enabling customers who buy and ticket their flight tickets by March 4 to take advantage of current fares.

The fuel surcharge will apply to tickets issued as of March 4, 2011 for flights departing on or after April 1, 2011

Updated fares will reflect a price increase of $22 to $45 in each direction.

EL AL Vice President Commercial and Aviation Ties David Maimon: ”Recent geopolitical developments in the Middle East have affected the price of jet fuel, raising them to record levels. This trend forces us to adjust to the new prices and raise ticket fares.”  At the same time, we will continue to make every effort to offer our customers a range of attractive fares. All tickets issued by March 4, 2011 will be priced according to the existing fares.”

The increases in fares are as follows:
Short- and medium-range flights – $22 in each direction
Long-range flights – $45 in each direction
Veröffentlichungsdatum 02.08.2011