Express Check-in


EL AL does its utmost to get you to your flight as quickly, conveniently and calmly as possible.

Only EL AL passengers enjoy rapid check-in for their flights at the airport without having to wait in line at check-in counters.

EL AL presents an innovative new service in Israel to shorten the passenger check-in process. It has installed Six self check-in kiosks in the terminal check-in area. EL AL service attendants are on hand to assist passengers and to ensure that their passports/visas are valid.

Even passengers with luggage can enjoy the service. Please note that only passengers holding e-tickets can use this service. Passengers with hand luggage only can use the express check-in line while passengers with suitcases must first go through the security check and then approach counters 95/96/97 to deposit their luggage.

The outstanding advantage of this service is the time it saves. The check-in process can now be completed without having to wait on long lines at the check-in counter. This is part of EL AL's strategy that focuses on providing quality service. It also treats the pre-flight time as personal and business time that is important to our passengers,
who are precious to us.

Passengers can identify themselves at the kiosks by means of:credit card, Matmid membership card or the e-ticket number.