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Main Area of Operations: Air transport of commercial cargo.
Areas of Specialization: Transporting dangerous materials, cargo of unusual dimensions, agricultural products and perishable goods, transport of animals, temperature control Charter flights to meet the customer’s needs
Direct Flight Destinations: USA, Europe, Far East, South Africa .
The airline has 40 direct destinations and over 200 continuation destinations. 
One 747-400F cargo plane
34 Boeing passenger aircraft: 747-400, 777, 767, 757 and 737 

Efficiency and Competitive Capabilities
During the past year EL AL Cargo implemented a streamlining program to improve the airline’s competitive edge in world markets.
In the spirit of the period and following global changes, EL AL Cargo chose to focus its main work on one central airport in Europe – Liege. This choice was intended to provide higher quality service to our customers, shorten flight time, set a more convenient timetable for flights, make veterinary and agricultural services more accessible and improve our ability to provide better solutions for our customers. As an airline that values its loyal customers, we launched a customer club, a concept that had been exclusive to passenger flights. Today customers who transport cargo also enjoy the benefits of this plan by amassing points that enable bonus tickets and upgrades on EL AL passenger flights. We have also improved our technological capabilities, introducing e-booking for direct reservations. This option significantly shortens the consignment booking procedure on EL AL flights and waiting time on the telephone.

Route Network, Capacity and Frequency
Europe direct flights: LGG, LON, CDG, FRA, ROM, MAD, ZRH, AMS, DME and more.

Transatlantic direct flights: NYC, LAX, YYZ.

Far East direct flights: HKG, BKK, BOM, PEK.

EL AL Cargo modified its route network operations and created a system of solutions for transporting cargo throughout the Far East, in cooperation with large airlines in the East. In addition, EL AL Cargo created a broad infrastructure and improved its continuation flights to all corners of India, in keeping with customer requests and demands. Likewise in the USA, EL AL Cargo collaborated with partners to reach many destinations.
EL AL Cargo leads the way and will continue to strive for excellence in service and for meeting its customers’ expectations.  

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