Uri Capauner 

 Uri Capauner began his career in EL AL as a mechanic in 1965, after serving in the Israel Air Force as an aircraft mechanic.. Uri shared a significant part of EL AL's history by serving as the company's technical representative in  Teheranin Teheran  until shortly before the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, and in  Nairobi in 1980 .
Among other positions during his career in El Al,  Uri served as Cabin System Manager , Heavy Maintenance Hangar Manager, Line Director (2003) and Director Aircraft Overhaul (since 2005)
This Division has 350 employees – 230 in the hangar and 120 in the Structure & Interior Shop, which is divided in itself into several workshops: Paint Workshop, Rescue Equipment Workshop (overhauls and inspects chutes, fire extinguishers, etc.; the Clean Room for the repair of complex materials of the highest aviation standards); Machine Shop for overhauling landing gear, spindle and flap tracks, aircraft doors, etc.; Seat Shop, where aircraft seats are repaired and renovated, and Sheet Metal Shop, where heavy aircraft parts such as C-Duct and Nose Cowl are renovated.
The hangar employs 230 people for A & E, Avionics, aircraft interior and structure, C and D checks, periodic heavy checks such as CPCP, SSID and SIP, engineering orders, upgrades in line with management requests, such as Business Class overhauls and configuring the new Economy Class Plus cabin.
Work in the hangar is carried out in two shifts, 10 months a year. In July and August, the hangar and dock undergo thorough preventive maintenance treatments.
 “A special dock in the hangar is adapted to all Boeing models and all employees are licensed by the FAA for all aircraft fleets (Boeing 767, 757-200, 737-800, 747-400, 777-200, Airbus) and work according to the highest safety standards,” relates Uri.