Shmuel Kuzi

SHMUEL KUZI – EL AL Vice President Maintenance & Engineering

Shmuel Kuzi joined EL AL Tech in 2007 following a 30-year career with the Israel Air Force.

Shmuel Kuzi

Uri Capauner

Uri Capauner began his career in EL AL as a mechanic in 1965, after serving in the Israel Air Force as an aircraft mechanic

Michael (Miki) Ungar

“I always dreamt of working with planes,” says Miki Ungar. “In high school I majored in aviation studies.

Amnon Hammer

Amnon Hammer has been with EL AL since 1986. In 2003, he was appointed as Director of Engineering, responsible for all airline engineering disciplines

David Ben Ari

David Ben Ari, who heads the Quality Control and Assurance Division, began his EL AL career in 1977

Dov Shpigelman

Dov Shpigelman assumed the position of EL AL Aircraft & Maintenance Division Director in January 2012, 43 years after beginning his impressive career with EL AL.