FamiLY Flyers Club

Your Fast Track To Bonus Tickets

The new EL AL FamiLY Flyers Club enables members of the EL AL Matmid Frequent Flyer Club in UK flying to and from London to accumulate points in a joint account of up to 8 family members.

The joint accumulation enables family members to earn and enjoy bonus tickets and upgrades much faster than ever before!

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FamiLY Flyers Club

The programme is intended for members of the Matmid Frequent Flyer Club. Family members who are not yet EL AL Matmid members will first join the Matmid Club after which they can join the joint account and begin accumulating points for bonuses and upgrades.

How to join the FamiLY Flyers Club?

Eight Simple Steps to join famiLY Flyers Club
Tip: For ease of reference print out these steps

  1. Join the “MATMID” Frequent Flyers Club If you and your family are already members go to step number 3.
    To join our new Family Flyers Club, you first have to join the “MATMID” our frequent flyers programme.

    Write down each members number, you will need them later for joining to the Family Flyers Club. Once you finished registering all your family members to “MATMID”, they will receive an e-mail with their account number and password.

  2. Chose one member of the family to be the head of the family account.

    The head of the family account must reside in the UK and belong to our Frequent Flyers Club in the UK.  If this member is registered with our MATMID programme in Israel they will need to send a fax to 020 7121 1435 with their new UK address,
    e-mail and contact number.

  3. Log in with your password at (UK site only).

  4. Go to “my account”.

  5. On the left hand menu look for the “Family Flyers Club” tab click it!

  6. Click on the Family Flyers Club and choose one of  two options:
        A. Head of the family (no number is needed)
        B. Family member (head of family membership number needed)
    Don’t forget to agree to the terms and conditions – after reading them of course!

  7. If you chose option A: head of the family, this is how you add your family to the account:
    1. Look on the left menu for the tab “personal details”. Found it? Click on it and your personal details will appear on the screen.
    2. Don’t click on “passenger Profile” or “passenger codes”.
    3. Once your personal details have loaded click on family the last tab on the right.
    4. Look out for the words: “add family members” and click.
    5. Now is the time to add your family members one by one using only the first 6 digits of their membership number!

  8. If you chose option B: Family member, you have successfully joined the Family Flyers Club.

That’s it, you are all set up.
Welcome to EL AL’s famiLY Flyers Club

Points for flights to and from London of family members who agree to join the FamiLY Flyers Club will be transferred to the account of the head of family, which will be the account for accumulating the joint points (the points will be transferred up to 24 hours since the approval). Remaining points, accumulated for flights on other routes or from partner companies, will continue to be credited to each family member's personal account.
Every member of the family will be able to see the total number of points accumulated in the joint account and in his/her personal account.
Bonus tickets and upgrades will be issued from the head of family's account and can only be in the name of family members who are affiliated with the program.

For the full regulations of the program click here

For Questions and Answers about the FamiLY Flyers Club

To join the FamiLY Flyers Club as head of family or as a member of the family

First published at January 25, 2009

Veröffentlichungsdatum 22.10.12