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EL AL Launches Special Flights for Children and Families on 2014 Summer Flights

ELALCHIK Branded Children’s Flights with the Children's Israeli Star "Little Michal"

During July and August EL AL will operate up to 30 branded ELALCHIK flights to New York (day flights), Amsterdam, Paris and London.
Branded kits will be distributed to the children on the flight, including crayons, crossword puzzles and a fun activity book; a special Little Michal channel will also be broadcast.

A clown will also accompany the ELALCHIK flights, from the entrance to the aircraft and throughout the flight. The clown will entertain the children with stories about the flight destination and with an activity kit brimming with surprises.

EL AL's Director of Marketing Einat Yanai: “We are pleased to renew the airline’s children’s flights and to offer families and children special activities during the summer months, when many families fly overseas for vacations. This time we decided to link up with the Israeli popular star Little Michal and bring Michal's world to the children, including many activities in the course of the flight, television programs, a special activity book and more. Just as EL AL provides its adult passengers with a variety of entertainment options, the airline also creates a special, enjoyable flight experience for children.” 

During the flight, the ELALCHIK clown and the inflight cabin crew will appoint several children to be “dayalchiks.” They will receive special aprons and join the crew in distributing surprises to the other children on the flight. In addition, on every ELALCHIK flight a few children will be selected to visit the pilot in the cockpit and receive an EL AL postcard signed by the captain.

The Little Michal channel will be broadcast on individual viewing screens (available on 747-400 and 777 aircraft).

All the activity takes place in a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

EL AL's Children’s Meals:

New Children’s Dairy Meals!
As of the beginning of June, EL AL is launching the kind of breakfast that kids love! Belgium waffles with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Mini Dani treats, individual Strauss white cheese, chocolate spread and more.

When meat meals are served to children, lunch includes: mini-schnitzel and potatoes, hummus, vegetables, olives and potato chips (crisps) and for dessert… chocolate cake.
For a perfect experience – order children’s meals in advance and be guaranteed a menu your children will love.

Publish Date 17/06/2014