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EL AL Launches –
Self Check-in Service for Passengers Departing from Ben-Gurion Airport

In cooperation with the Israel Airports Authority, EL AL is offering a new service for passengers departing from Ben-Gurion Airport:
Self-Service Check-in for flights at Terminal 3, that speeds up the check-in process and deposit of suitcases

EL AL and the Israel Airports Authority have launched a new service for EL AL customers: special self-service check-in counters adjacent to the EL AL counters. The new service shortens the flight check-in process and the waiting time for the security check.

As of Sunday afternoon, April 28, 2013, EL AL offers a new self-check-in service at the airport.

The check-in service at Ben-Gurion Airport expands the options we offer our customers for checking in conveniently through a variety of platforms before even arriving at the airport. Check-in is now available through the EL AL website, through cell phones and text messages and thanks to the new service, self check-in is also possible at Terminal 3. In the first stage, 6 self check-in stands were set up adjacent to the EL AL counters.
During the year, counters will also be set up for depositing baggage, so that the flight check-in process will be entirely automatic, self-service and short.
In the future, self check-in service at a kiosk will also be possible at additional airports where EL AL operates.

Now, EL AL customers can choose express self-service check-in and after a few simple actions complete the check-in process and choose a seat on the flight. The product shortens the waiting time and brings EL AL technology and service in line with other modern airports and advanced airlines.

Vice President Customer Service Yehudit Grisaro and EL AL customers: “EL AL offers its customers a comprehensive service experience to suit the airline’s strategy of continuously upgrading the service experience – before, during and after the flight. As part of this strategy, we offer passengers departing from Ben-Gurion Airport a service that will shorten the check-in and baggage deposit process at the airport. First and foremost, the new service enables passengers to save precious time: passengers performing the check-in process at the special airport stands will issue their own boarding cards and baggage tags and deposit their luggage at a special counter. The new service will also shorten the waiting time for check-in and save precious time for our passengers.”

Passenger route at Ben-Gurion Airport:

  • Arrive at Terminal 3
  • Use self check-in stand: issue boarding passes for the flight and choose seats
  • After the security check on the special fast track, arrive at the special counter for depositing baggage and send suitcases
  • Continue to the departure gate

The service is added to other services offered by EL AL:

Early check-in for passengers flying during peak seasons (High Holidays, Passover and summer vacation):
The service enables passengers to perform early check-in (similar to the service that was once offered at the Tel Aviv train station), including sending suitcases and receiving boarding passes for the flight, up to 24 hours before the flight, daily between 10am and 12:30pm at EL AL counters.

The service does not entail a fee and passengers save waiting time on lines.

Special check-in counter for EL AL passengers flying with hand luggage only (shortened process with no need to stand in line for the usual security check).

Competition among all passengers flying only with hand luggage and reporting at least 50 hours before their flight that they are flying without baggage for the hold. As part of the competition, 5 flight tickets for two will be awarded every quarter.

Discount on overweight baggage for passengers checking in online in advance.

Advance seating and sales of preferred seats and seats in Economy Class Plus.

Express Check-In on the EL AL website – www.elal.co.il

An electronic check-in system and pre-flight services on the website, on iPhones and using text messages and the Express Check-In track for passengers checking in online.

EL AL offers special service counters intended for passengers using online Express Check-In that translates into a faster check-in and baggage deposit at the airport. 

Publish Date 29/04/2013