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Vice President Human Resources and Administration Reuven Virovnik Announces His Decision to Retire

Vice President Human Resources and Administration Reuven Virovnik today informed EL AL's CEO of his decision to retire from his position after 44 years with the airline. Virovnik has served as Vice President Human Resources and Administration since 1999 and will end his term of office on April 30, 2014, after an orderly transition period with his replacement.

EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy related: “I respect Reuven Virovnik’s decision to retire. Reuven grew and developed with the airline and throughout his years of service with EL AL, some 44 years, demonstrated professionalism and loyalty to the company, in all the positions he held.”

Vice President Human Resources and Administration Reuven Virovnik today informed EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy of his decision to end his term of office.

Virovnik joined EL AL’s Maintenance Division 44 years ago, where he held several positions. He then served in several training positions before becoming manager of EL AL's Welfare Services, then the head of Human Resources Administration, head of the Human Resources Division, head of Administration and in 1999, he assumed his present position as Vice President Human Resources and Administration.

EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy noted in a message to EL AL employees: “Reuven was involved in the airline’s privatization process and throughout the years worked to maintain proper work relations. He led collective work relations efforts, worked assiduously to ensure the employees’ welfare, dealt with the operational infrastructures pertaining to construction, company property and transport that make professional commercial activity possible; he developed employee training programs and always acted for the advancement of the airline and its people. Throughout the years, Reuven maintained excellent interpersonal ties with EL AL people, including retirees (whom he always referred to as ambassadors of the airline), and with the community, to which he contributed much.

“On behalf of EL AL's Board of Directors, the management and the employees, I wish to personally thank Reuven for his actions and his contributions to the airline throughout the years of his service. I hold him in great esteem and appreciate Reuven’s many important achievements throughout his tenure, during which he worked day and night to promote the objectives of the airline and its people.” 

In his farewell letter Reuven Virovnik wrote: “This marks the end of an important chapter in my life, which began 44 years ago when I first came to EL AL. I matured and developed in the company. I was fortunate to work with wonderful people and together we succeeded in advancing and developing EL AL and achieving much in the many areas of my activities. These were many years of exciting areas of activity and of responsibility, including the formulation of work agreements that enabled fair and proper relations among all parties.”


Publish Date 10/02/2014