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EL AL's Response to the FAA Decision
EL AL applauds the FAA decision to reinstate the State of Israel’s safety rating to Category 1.

Since the classification was lowered in December 2008, EL AL has cooperated fully with the Ministry of Transportation and has invested time, effort and resources to assist in overcoming legal and regulatory disparities and restoring the higher classification (this, despite the fact that the classification is in no way related to Israel’s airlines).

For four years Israeli airlines were required to work under difficult restrictions as a result of the lowered rating. Israel’s reduced aviation safety classification prevented EL AL from fully implementing its code share agreement with American Airlines, developing new destinations and adding flight frequencies to the USA, and also created difficulties in operating flights.

Israel’s airlines have had to contend with inferior conditions in comparison with its competitors over the years, and the additional restrictions imposed on EL AL during the past four years, due to long-time neglect of the aviation industry by the State of Israel, only increased EL AL’s difficulties in competing with international airlines and aviation alliances.
Publish Date 04/11/2012