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UP מבית אל על

UP Flights Take to the Air on Sunday, March 30. 180,000 flight segments were sold before the first flight departed. Flights to 5 Destinations: Berlin, Budapest, Kiev, Prague and Larnaca

As is the practice around the world, , the ticket fare is per direction at a reduced price and enables passengers to add complementary services – such as seating, check-in at the airport, baggage and other services – for payment. These services can be ordered separately on the UP website, through the Telephone Service Center and through travel agents

How to Save Money ?

When booking UP Basic tickets, good planning and early reservation of services lets you save on costs!

 It’s a good idea to check in online at home for free. You can also check in at airport kiosks where available

 Ordering baggage service (first suitcase) in advance (up to 6 hours before the flight) earns you a 50% discount.

Would you like to choose your seat on the flight? Order a seat in advance and fly the way you like. Seats can be ordered up to 30 hours before the flight for weekday flights and up to 40 hours before the flight for flights departing between 1am on Saturday night until 1pm on Sunday.

Customers who do not reserve seating within this time period will be seated by the system on a space available basis.

 Customers who purchased UP Smart tickets and Gold, Platinum and Top Platinum Matmid members are entitled to free seat selection during the seating period on a space available basis, free check-in at the airport   and free baggage service.   

UP offers two flight service classes: Economy Class and Economy Class Plus.

Food and Beverage Service on UP Flights

Economy Class:
Economy Class passengers may order meals, for a fee, from an UP menu that will be offered to them during the flight. 
The menu includes a selection of fresh products: sandwiches, salads, baked goods, muesli, as well as snacks, soft drinks, hot drinks and alcoholic beverages.
All products on the menu are dairy or pareve.
The fresh food offered for sale, including sandwiches, are Mehadrin kosher with certification provided by the Chief Rabbinate under supervision of Rabbi Moshe Nachshoni
All ingredients have Badatz kashrut certification.

Economy Class Plus:
A light dairy meal is served during the morning hours (between 2:40am and 10:10am).
On flights departing between 10:15am and 2:35am, light meat meals are served.
In Economy Class Plus, passengers will enjoy a light meal, including a sandwich, salad, etc. Coffee, tea and soft drinks will also be offered.

Special meals cannot be ordered.

Passengers with special dietary needs are advised to bring their own food aboard the flight.

Launching the new brand: Good news regarding frequencies to UP destinations:
Berlin: Up to 12 weekly flights
Prague: Up to 11 weekly flights
Kiev: Up to 11 weekly flights
Budapest: Up to 12 weekly flights
Larnaca: Up to 6 weekly flights
A total of up to 52 weekly flights to UP destinations

EL AL CEO David Maimon: “UP flights which begin operations on Sunday, March 30, convey a message of product renewal, change and a response to the changing needs of consumers. With UP, we are in step with international aviation industry trends and with the largest airlines in the world, and we are also attentive to our customers’ preferences. The UP brand allows customers to create the product that suits them and to decide for themselves which items they want to pay for.
“Israeli consumers ‘vote with their feet.’ During the first months of sales, we sold over 180,000 flight segments, an impressive feat by any criterion.”
“I am convinced that this step will improve our competitive edge, expand our customer base and help meet our passengers’ needs, and all at prices that everyone can enjoy.”

Available services that can be purchased by UP Basic passengers:

UP Basic
The Basic Ticket

 One hand luggage – maximum 8 kilos,
56 x 45 x 25 cm


First suitcase stored in the hold of the
aircraft – 23 kilos / 158 cm 
50% discount for advance reservation – $20
Reservation at airport – $40
Seat selection in Economy Class $10
Seating in Preferred Seat in Economy Class $50
Seating in Economy Class Plus $80
Online check-in and airport check-in Online – free
Check-in at airport counter – $10
Changes in ticket – changing date /
hour of flight  
Flight cancelation or no show for flight X – no refund **** 
Matmid point accumulation V

Available services that can be purchased by UP Smart passengers:

UP Smart
The Upgraded Ticket

One hand luggage – maximum I kilos, 56 x 45 x 25 cm

One suitcase stored in the hold of the aircraft – 23 kilos / 158 cm  Free
Seat selection in Economy Class Free (**)
Seating in Preferred Seat in Economy Class Free (**)
Seating in Economy Class Plus Free (**)
Online check-in and airport check-in Free
Changes in ticket – changing date / hour of flight  Free
Flight cancelation Full refund
No show for flight $30
Hospitality in King David Lounge at Ben-Gurion Airport V
Matmid point accumulation V

Prices are per person per flight segment.
**Seats are selected subject to availability on the plane when choosing/ordering a seat.
***Changing the flight date or time can be done through your travel agent or at the UP Telephone Service Center for a fee.  Changes completed at the Telephone Service Center entail and are subject to differentials in ticket prices.
****Subject to all laws, including the Consumer Protection Law.

Publish Date 25/03/2014