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EL AL Launches Online Virtual Global Store Shopping, in conjunction with Best Buy

The EL AL virtual store will create a broad, all-encompassing experience for a great vacation, offering supplementary products for flight and overseas experiences, through direct sales and bidding.

Examples of Products:
Flight comfort kit – NIS 29
Solar charger with rechargeable battery for cell phones – NIS 77
Bluetooth portable speakerphone – NIS 129
Survival kit for hikers – NIS 389
Olympus camera – NIS 349
Kipling suitcase – 60 liter capacity – NIS 999

EL AL Vice President Commercial and Aviation Ties David Maimon: “EL AL is working to enhance the passengers’ experience, even before the flight. As part of the airline’s strategy we are offering a wide selection of products and auxiliary services, providing customers with an inclusive solution for all their travel needs.

“We believe that our efforts will turn the EL AL website into a one-stop shop offering a world of experiences, products, information and more and not only flight tickets.”

In the first stage, plans are for the store to provide products for sale to anyone entering the EL AL website – www.elal.co.il.
In the second stage, three months from now, Matmid members will be able to purchase a large variety of auxiliary products at especially attractive prices for money + Club points.

How will payment be made?
Payments will be with credit cards.

How will the customer receive the product?
Customers may choose to have the products delivered directly to their homes or to pick them up themselves.
Full details on the EL AL website, www.elal.co.il.

Publish Date 11/10/2011