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New Business Lounge at Newark Airport To Host EL AL Premium Customers

Art and Lounge is located on the ground floor of Terminal B at Newark Airport, adjacent to EL AL's check-in counters.

EL AL Vice President Customer Service Yehudit: “The new business lounge at Newark Airport offers high international standards of service to EL AL's premium customers awaiting their flights to Israel. The lounge offers added value to EL AL's special flight experience, business services and internet connections and constitutes a link in the chain of customer experience at all interfaces – before, during and after the EL AL flight.”

The lounge is available to EL AL premium customers flying from Newark seven days a week, with spacious seating for 90 people.

The emphasis in the lounge is on contemporary art and design, offering an enriching visual cultural experience. At present, guests can enjoy the Window Seat exhibit that was specially arranged for the inauguration of the lounge, giving expression to airport movement and dynamics.

The lounge offers passengers a business center and Wi-Fi internet service.

A rich and varied menu offers sweet and savory baked goods, a health bar with a selection of vegetables, cheese, dried fruit, granola, breads and snacks as well as kosher refreshments. In addition to hot and cold beverages, white and red wine and quality label beer are also served.

Newark Lounge

  • The EL AL lounge is located on the ground floor of Terminal B in the area of the check-in counters. It covers an area of 350sq.m and offers seating for 90 guests.
  • Luxury Lounges Ltd., the company that established the lounge, strives to provide lounge visitors with more than high quality food and service. It also wants the lounge to reflect excellence in art and design, as can be seen in the lounge's contemporary, modern and prestigious appearance.
  • The buffet menu is rich and colorful with quality selections for all passengers. This menu was chosen after extensive assessment of the specific needs of diverse passengers and its formulation was overseen by food expert Shmulik Marcus, CEO of Restotel Ltd. which specializes in quality culinary solutions.
  • Sweet and salty baked goods, a health bar with a selection of seasonal vegetables, cheese, and breads are all available at the lounge.
  • In addition a health corner offers granola, dried fruit, yoghurt, silan (date honey) and more.
  • In addition to hot and cold beverages, white and red wine and beer, fruit and snacks are also served.
  • Hot savory and sweet baked goods are available for ultra-Orthodox guests.
  • The lounge has a business center with Wi-Fi internet for the use of guests.

Newark Lounge – the Cultural Experience
  • The lounge’s artistic concept is dynamic, with changing exhibitions, offering exposure to original artists and modernistic art.
  • The cultural experience is reflected in the original, eclectic design of the space.
  • The company places emphasis on art that forms part of the aesthetic décor as well as an opportunity to expose passengers to innovative approaches and various mediums with thought provoking messages.
  • In the space, branded as a “Visual Business and Cultural Center,” artistic and contemporary design items are exhibited creating an enriching visual cultural experience.
  • The exposure to the use of art as part of the business experience excites curiosity while offering serenity and grace in an exclusive area.
  • The present “Window Seat” exhibition that was organized especially for the inauguration of the lounge gives expression to the movement and vitality of airports. The exhibition presents paintings of artists such as Miriam Cabessa and Shay Kun as well as the video art of Oded Hirsch, Tom Pnini and of the exhibition’s curators Lital Dotan and Eyal Perry.
  • The video art is displayed on several screens that are installed in the lounge as well as on a giant screen.
Publish Date 19/11/2013