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EL AL's French Revolution of Summer 2014! Fourth Daily Flight to Paris

With its summer 2014 timetable, which goes into effect on March 30, 2014, EL AL is expanding its operations to the French capital and will operate up to 23 weekly flights in an exclusive timetable.

EL AL will offer a new flight, operating Sunday – Thursday on the airline’s new Boeing 737-900ER aircraft, especially adapted for families and tourists, departing at 12:45pm from Tel Aviv and returning at 6pm from Paris.

At present, EL AL operates 18 weekly flights to Paris on 3 daily flights – 2 in the morning and one in the evening.

The new flight joins EL AL's three daily flights on the route that are operated on 737-900ER and on wide body aircraft.

EL AL will offer the largest number of direct flights between Tel Aviv and the City of Lights each week and is the only airline offering flights with designated Business Class seats and First Class service. EL AL Gold and Platinum Matmid members, King David Club members and premium class passengers are invited to enjoy the hospitality of the King David Lounge at Ben-Gurion Airport and in Paris.

EL AL to Paris, more than ever, more than all the others… it’s Israel:
  • Early morning flights on new 737-900ER aircraft
  • Morning flights on wide body 777 and 747 aircraft
  • Noon flight on new 737-900ER aircraft
  • Evening flight on wide body 767 aircraft
  • Saturday nights, EL AL will add a flight from Tel Aviv and will offer two flights from Paris for full-weekend stays at the destination and return for the Israeli work week.

According to Dorit Mor, EL AL's manager of West European routes: “We are proud to offer the best product to Paris. Paris is a principal destination for EL AL passengers in all service classes. It is an attractive tourist destination year round and a commercial destination drawing thousands of business travelers every month. Adding a fourth daily flight, beginning with the 2014 summer timetable, makes Paris more accessible to the Israeli traveler. By combining a broad and flexible timetable with 23 weekly frequencies, some of them on our new aircraft, we can offer every passenger the most suitable flight experience.”

Publish Date 14/01/2014