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UP Flights Begin Operations Today – Sunday, March 30

Maiden Flight to Berlin Takes Off this Morning on a 737-800 Aircraft

The First Flight to Berlin Was Piloted by Captain Hovev Ben David, Manager of the 737 fleet, Together with First Officer Izhar Katzir

Even before the first flight took off, 180,000 flight segments were sold to 5 destinations in Europe: Berlin, Budapest, Kiev, Prague and Larnaca

Launching the new brand: Good news regarding frequencies to UP destinations:

Berlin: up to 12 weekly flights
Prague: up to 11 weekly flights
Kiev: up to 11 weekly flights
Budapest: up to 12 weekly flights
Larnaca: up to 6 weekly flights
A total of up to 52 weekly flights to UP destinations

EL AL CEO David Maimon: “UP flights which began operations today, convey a message of renewal, change and a response to the changing needs of consumers. With UP, we are in step with international aviation industry trends and with the largest airlines in the world; we are attentive to our customers’ preferences. The UP brand allows customers to create the product that suits them and to decide for themselves which items they want to pay for.
“Israeli consumers ‘vote with their feet.’ During the first months of sales, we sold over 180,000 flight segments, an impressive feat by any criterion.”
“I am convinced that this step will improve our competitive edge, expand our customer base and help meet our passengers’ needs, and all at prices that everyone can enjoy.”

Photo: Sivan Faraj. No copyright restrictions. May be used in all media systems.

In the photos:
UP aircraft
Passengers on the maiden UP flight to Berlin this morning
EL AL CEO David Maimon with Flight Captain Hovev Ben David and Co-Pilot Izhar Katzir


Publish Date 30/03/2014