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EL AL's Matmid Frequent Flyer Club is Celebrating its Millionth Customer and Giving Away Millions of Points

From November 6 to December 5 EL AL is Offering Matmid Members Special Benefits
Free Membership and 25 free Points on Joining
In Addition: Up to 30% Additional Points on Conversions from Credit Cards

The deal includes Isracard, C.A.L., Leumi Card, Diners and American Express credit cards and will be accompanied by an advertising campaign prepared by the McCann Erikson Advertising Agency.

The additional free points will be awarded for credit card conversions in a graduated format:

For conversions of up to 1000 points – 20% free points added
For conversions of 1000 – 2000 points – 25% free points added
For conversions of over 2000 points – 30% free points added

Einat Yanai, EL AL's Chief Marketing Officer
: “EL AL is celebrating the millionth Matmid Club member. This is an unprecedented achievement for an Israeli consumer club of any kind, and particularly for an airline club.
“More than anything else, the extraordinary pace of the Club’s growth in membership reflects the importance of the EL AL brand and its values to the consumer public. As a national company, we see membership in the Matmid Club of Israelis, Jews and Israel supporters in Israel and the world over as a strategic goal and we intend to continue offer genuine added value to membership in the EL AL Matmid Frequent Flyer Club.”

Lior Tanner, Matmid Frequent Flyer Club Manager: “During the past two years new memberships in the Matmid Club have increased by 300% as compared with previous years, as a result of intensive activity to provide genuine value to Matmid membership. As a result of this activity, some 150,000 new members have joined Matmid. Converting credit card points to Matmid points is considered by many members to be the most appealing benefit. By improving the conversion ratio we are enabling increased point accrual which means a faster route to upgrade vouchers and bonus tickets. This is an especially significant benefit that has been very successful in recent years.”

Apart from earning points from EL AL flights, Matmid members can accumulate points from EL AL partners, including all Israeli credit card companies. Converting credit card points to the Matmid Frequent Flyer Club is a very attractive benefit to Matmid members.

In effect, all daily activities using credit cards bring the member closer to a bonus ticket or upgrade.

Most members who convert points from their credit cards use these points to supplement missing points for a bonus or upgrade voucher (when combined with points earned for flights).

Publish Date 06/11/2012