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EL AL will allow customers to cancel or change their flight departure date

In light of the cease-fire that has gone into effect and the return to routine, EL AL customers departing from Israel until November 24, 2012 will be able to take advantage of the special conditions for ticket changes that went into effect with the beginning of the Pillar of Defense Campaign.
After this date, cancelations and changes will be according to the airline’s usual policy.

(applicable only to tickets which have been issued on / before November the 15th) :

Passengers departing from Israel and Israeli passengers who have already commenced their journey and now returning to Israel for flights on / before November 24, 2012 will be able to advance  their flight date without having to pay the cancelation and handling fees. (If the change entails an upgrade to a higher Class, the difference in fare will be charged). It is also possible to receive a full refund (for totally unused tickets)

Passengers wishing to postpone their flights beyond November 24, 2012 may do so for up to 6 months beyond that date with no charge for this change either. The new fare will be the fare in effect on the date of the new ticket's issuance.

EL AL expresses its wholehearted support for the residents of Israel’s south and central areas and wishes all residents of Israel a quiet week.

* Dear Customers – Please be sure to follow any changes that may be made in response to the security situation.

Updated on 22/11/2012

Publish Date 19/11/2012