Sports Equipment on EL AL Flights

We know it’s important to have your personal equipment with you when you are on a sports vacation. On this page you will find all the relevant details about flying with your sports equipment.


As of 10.12.2013, you can add to your baggage – free of charge and above your regular baggage allowance – skiing, snowboarding, waterskiing and golf equipment (only on flights with EL AL as the MSC – Most Significant Carrier. Not valid on codeshare and UP flights).

Sports equipment that can be flown free of charge




1 pair of shoes
+ 1 pair of skis
+ 1 pair of poles


1  snowboard
+ 1 pair of shoes

Water Ski

1 water ski suit
+ bag not larger that 140 cm
+ 1 water skis
1 slalom water ski
1 single water ski


1 golf bag
+ 1 pair of golf shoes
+ 1 pair of golf clubs
+ golf clubs

Sports equipment* that can be flown as part of your baggage allowance

*One sporting equipment unit may consist:




Bicycles must be:
- Suitably packed
 - Handlebars fixed
 - Sideways and pedals removed
 - Non-motorized
 - No air pressure in wheels


1 scuba regulator
1 tank Harness
1 tank pressure gauge
1 face mask
1 pair of fins
1 buoyancy control device
1 snorkel
1 weight belt
1 empty cylinder tank

Water surf

1 surfboard

Wind surf

1 surfboard


1 kayak


1 canoe

Oversized sports equipment charges

Unit's Weight & Size

Flights to/ from


North America

Weighing up to 15 kilos and
measuring up to 140cm

70 USD

70 USD

Weighing between 16 and 32 kilos
and/or measuring 141 – 200 cm

70 USD

210 USD

Weighing between 33 and 50 kilos
and/or measuring 201 – 277 cm

210 USD

210 USD

Regarding larger sports equipment or any other large equipment,
please contact our Call Center at +972-3-9771111.


  • All the above information refers to El Al flights on El Al aircraft and excludes code-share and other carrier's flights.
  • Prices are for one way.
  • Prices are in US Dollars. At some airports, payment is possible only with local currency according to the exchange rate determined on the date of payment.
  • Government service TAX of 4.944% will apply on transactions for services from BOMBAY to TEL AVIV and will be collected in India.
  • Cost of flying a bicycle to Europe - $70 (Weight up to 50 kg. and size up to  277 cm).
  • Payment for overweight baggage will be collected at the airport.