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The Weather in London

The Weather in London

London – the Weather all Year Round

London's notorious weather is known for consisting of especially grey and rainy days. A trip to London may have days of soft local showers or especially heavy torrential rain. The city's grey skies, which are sometimes seen as an inseparable part of the London view, are not always indicative of rain, yet they bestow the city with unique atmosphere. Many places in the city offer refuge from the rain that can suddenly start, which is why a visit during the winter months is not only possible but even enjoyable.
The London weather requires proper preparation and planning, however, since it has the tendency to constantly surprise you, it also requires a certain amount of adaptation and finding alternative options

The weather in London during the summer

Summer months in London, from June to August, are usually quite lovely and temperate with a few rainy days, attracting many tourists that wish to enjoy the comfortable weather. Despite extreme temperatures that were measured in the city during the summer months of the past few years, the temperature average during the summer months is considered especially comfortable during the day, between 20˚C and 22˚C.

What should you wear on a summer visit in London? It is recommended to dress in light clothes, but also to take an umbrella and a rain coat.

The weather in London during the winter

Winter months in London, from December to February, have very rainy, wet and grey weather most of the time. With the average temperature of 7˚C during the day, the London winter weather can be especially cold and may sometimes even have surprise snowfall.

What should you wear on a winter visit in London? If you are planning to visit London during the winter it is recommended that you bring warm clothes, a warm coat, a scarf, gloves and naturally an umbrella. In order to be able to enjoy the many puddles strewn about the city during this time of year, you should also bring with you a pair of comfortable boots or hiking shoes.

The weather in London during the transitional season

The transitional season weather in London is unstable and might surprise you at any time. During the spring months, from March to May, the weather is unpredictable and can vary widely from warm weather to heavy rain intermittently. The average temperature during the spring months is 11-15˚C during the day but might also be lower. London weather during the autumn months, from September to November resembles the spring weather and is mostly characterized by its uncertainty, with a higher probability towards warm weather in September and cold weather in November.

What should you wear on a transitional season visit in London? London weather during the transitional seasons requires special preparation; if you are planning to visit London during that time of year, it is recommended that you bring both light warm clothes and short sleeved shirts. You should also have a rain coat and clothes that can be worn in layers that you can later remove when it gets warmer.

London – pleasant weather for tourists

It is true that the weather in London is unstable and can many a time surprise with heavy rain, however, London is fit for a visit any time, given that proper preparations are made in advance. Nevertheless, if you do not wish to have especially rainy days on your trip, it is recommended that you visit the city during the summer months, when there is a significantly smaller amount of rainfall and the weather is nice and pleasant.

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