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Shopping in London

Shopping in London

London Shopping – Markets, Malls and Shopping Centers

Shopping in London is considered an attraction in itself, as many who come to London enjoy their time shopping instead of visiting London's many attractions. London's variety of markets, large shopping centers and grand stores provide an extraordinary shopping experience. If you wish to shop during your stay in London, here is a list of the recommended places to visit.

Shopping Centers in London

Information on London markets

London's various markets offer an abundance of products of every type. Camden Market, which consists of two markets, Camden Lock and Camden Stables, is one of London's prominent markets. If you are looking to shop for antiques, second hand items, books, jewelry and more, you should visit this huge market, which is located on 168 Camden High Street. If you wish to experience wonderful markets, you should also make a point of including the Portobello Road Market in your visit. This antiquities market, which is located in one of the city's most lovely neighborhoods, Notting Hill, attracts many tourists and offers a variety of stands, stores and unique atmosphere. Another recommended market is the Covent Garden Market, on 41 The Market street, which is considered especially large and more prestigious than other markets, offering expensive artistry items, clothes, shoes and more.

Shopping malls and shopping centers

Other places where you can shop in London are the city's malls and shopping centers. If you wish shop in one of the best streets for this purpose in London, do not miss Oxford Street. It is indeed not a large and roofed mall, but it is a huge street that consists of a variety of stores scattered from end to end, offering a variety of items, sometimes in attractive and worthwhile prices. This street's charming atmosphere and colorfulness are undoubtedly good enough reasons not to miss it. However, if you wish to do your London shopping in a big and organized mall, you should visit the Westfield Shopping Centre, which is considered to be one of the largest malls in Europe.

This mall is located on Ariel Way, in the west part of the city and offers all the most well-known brand name stores as well as reasonable prices. In the mall you can also find food stands and even a large movie theatre. Since shopping in London isn't complete without visiting one of the most luxurious and expensive malls in the world, while visiting London you shouldn't skip a visit to Harrods on 87-135 Brompton Road, which is considered to be one of the most prestigious malls, including especially expensive and prestigious brand names. During Christmas and the summer months the mall holds big sales offering better and attractive prices.

Souvenir shops

Shopping in London must include a visit to the various souvenir shops (so that the family back home will be really happy you came back). If you are interested in miniatures of well-known sites or famous English figures, if you are searching for posters or for mugs with especially royal faces on them, you can find plenty of them in souvenir shops that are located in various parts of the city. One of these shops, offering an abundance of different types of souvenirs, is actually a chain of souvenir shops named Crest of London, on 11 Whitehall Street. Another souvenir shop, which is located close to the Paddington train station on 117 Praed Street, is London Red Bus Gifts and Souvenirs shop that offers well known London souvenirs as well. Two additional branches of this store are located on Oxford Street and on Tower Hill.

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