ELALCHIK Flights – This summer the children won’t want to leave the plane!

ELALCHIK welcomes Children's Israeli Star Little Michal

This summer EL AL is offering a special experience for children and their families – on select flights to New York, Amsterdam, Paris and London.

And this year, ELALCHIK welcomes Little Michal – the popular Israeli star among youngsters. Little Michal is brimming with surprises for children to assure a fun-filled flight!

What does the “ELALCHIK Welcomes Little Michal” experience include?

At the start of the flight, the ELALCHIK clown distributes a gift to every child – a special Little Michal flight activity kit.


For the sample page from the activity
book, Click on the picture

With ELALCHIK, the flight just flies by…

* Throughout the flight, the clown will keep the kids busy in their seats with a variety of activities, games and more.
Only on ELALCHIK flights can your children be Dayalchiks (child cabin attendants) and help the crew during the flight.
Only on ELALCHIK flights select children who fulfill ELALCHIK tasks will be invited to visit the cockpit, meet the captain and learn about how to pilot a plane. The captain will give them souvenirs of their visit.
Little Michal will charm the children with a selection of programs on the flight’s entertainment channel.
Children flying on the “ELALCHIK Welcomes Little Michal” flights will be invited to draw pictures, some of which will be selected for publication on the EL AL website.
As in the past, the activities take place in a calm, quiet atmosphere, making the flight tranquil and pleasant for everyone.

Children and the whole family will have much to enjoy on the flights:

Entertainment programs and films for the whole family.

Meals that children love… don’t forget to book in advance.

ELALCHIK Flights – an experience that the entire family will enjoy en route to a wonderful vacation!