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New Look for EL AL Uniforms

New Look for EL AL Uniforms
As Israel’s leading airline, with crews who circulate throughout the world, EL AL places great importance on the appearance of its people.
As part of the airline renewal process, EL AL has teamed up with the Israeli and international fashion brand, Gottex, which shares many of the airline’s values,  to create a new look that will give EL AL personnel in Israel and worldwide, on the air and on the ground, cabin attendants and captains, a feeling of pride in representing Israel.

Molly Grad
– Artistic Director of the Gottex Group: “The aim of the cooperation is to create a new, fresh look for EL AL crews and uniforms, while also keeping in mind the crew’s comfort and practicality.
“My creative and inspirational starting point was architectural-structural, which meant combining graphic elements that give depth and richness to the composition. The aim was to create color unity that would appear modern but would simultaneously become a classic in the making.”


New Look for EL AL Uniforms:

Photo by: Dudi Hasson