New 737-900 Boeing Aircraft

EL AL has purchased 8 new ER737-900 aircraft. The planes will operate in a unique configuration – 172 seats with two service classes.

New 737-900 Boeing Aircraft!

Weather Forecast

For overseas flights, you can check weather forecasts for all EL AL destinations and for some 300 cities worldwide.
Weather Forecast

Overseas Vacation

We’ve organized all the information you need for choosing your destination and planning your overseas vacation. It doesn’t matter where you’re headed, with EL AL you’ll always feel at home.

Eye on Israel

A detailed clickable map of Israel with comprehensive information on many sites, accommodations and attractions.

Eye on Israel

Destinations in Israel

Although Israel is a tiny dot on the map, it offers an unusual abundance of options, stunning views, varied attractions, culture, rich history and an extraordinary variety of other pleasures.
Destinations in Israel

Special Inflight Meals

EL AL offers a wide variety of special meals to suit the needs of passengers on overseas flights.

EL AL "Ticket Pack"

Flying a lot? Get a discounted ticket pack for 10 flights and more!

EL AL discounted Ticket Pack

EL AL's Fleet

This page includes information about EL AL's fleet and displays the seating plans of every EL AL aircraft.
The Fleet