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EU Customs regulations

EU Customs regulations - Import Control System (ICS)
Dear Customer,
EL-AL is preparing to implement the new EU Customs regulations -ICS- which require advance electronic transmission of an Entry Summary Declaration - ENS –to the appropriate Member State for each shipment carried on board the flights entering the European Union.
This procedure becomes mandatory as of January 01st, 2011.
The ENS is to be submitted up to 4 hours before arrival for long haul flight or upon departure for short haul flight. In order to meet above timeframe we urge you to submit your cargo docs to EL-AL on time, preferably also by electronic means ( FWB and FHL).
We have made a significant investment in our systems and resources to ensure full compliance with above requirements enforced by the EU authorities. As this is a costly process, we have to share part of the additional costs among all members of the supply chain.
Therefore, one of the following surcharge will be imposed as of January 01, 2011 : Electronic transmission of HAWB data (FHL), will be charged at US$ 2.50 per HAWB,
to be inserted on the MAWB in ‘Due Carrier’ box as ‘Other Charges’ code: 'CG' Manual input of HAWB by EL-AL , will be charged at US$ 10.00 per HAWB,
to be inserted on the MAWB in ‘Due Carrier’ box as ‘Other Charges’ code: 'CC'
Above is applicable to all shipments and consolidations destined to or via the EU.
Furthermore, you are kindly requested to make sure your MAWB and HAWB data will show complete and accurate info of all items such as Shpr, Cnee, Pcs , Weight, and particularly full and complete Description of Goods that should be detailed and precise (general terms such as "Textiles" are not acceptable).
If you have any questions regarding advance electronic cargo information requirements, please contact Mr. Giora Polak Tel. 03-9716215 or Mrs Livnat Sherman tel. 03-9716902
Your local EL-AL Cargo sales manager is also available for any additional questions.
Thank you for your cooperation,
I.T. Department, EL-AL Cargo.