Bonus Voucher Benefit

For additional terms:

  1. For the ticketing date for Economy Class bonus tickets, click here.
  2. The voucher is personal and nontransferable.
  3. The benefit voucher cannot be extended.
  4. Issuing a bonus ticket within 3 days of the flight departure date (not including the day of the flight) entails a handling fee of $50. Platinum and Top Platinum members are exempt from this payment up to 24 hours before the flight departure time.
  5. These bonus tickets cannot be upgraded.
  6. No points will be earned.
  7. Subject to all laws:
    • Bonus vouchers and tickets that were not used cannot be canceled.
    • The flight date ticket can be changed at no cost up to 3 days before the departure (not including the day of the flight). The destination can be changed to any of EL AL's European destinations for a payment of $50 (in addition to the fuel surcharge and port tax differentials). The destination can't be changed to destinations out of Europe.
  8. In all other cases, and subject to all laws, the EL AL policy regarding cancelations will apply, subject to ticket conditions. For this matter, not using transportation services that have been ordered, whether in whole or in part, for any reason, will also be considered cancelation of a reservation.
  9. The tickets are valid only for EL AL direct flights and not for code share flights even when operated by EL AL.
  10. subject to availability and class conditions
  11. Subject to benefit terms and to Matmid Club regulations as published on the EL AL website.
  12. The flights are subject to EL AL's general transportation conditions as specified on the EL AL website.
  13. EL AL may cancel the benefit or change its conditions at anytime with no prior notification.
  14. Errors and omissions excepted