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EL AL and Get Taxi

Regulations for Get Taxi international promotion for EL AL passengers

EL AL Israel Airlines inc. ("EL AL") and G.T. Get Taxi services Israel inc. are announcing the following promotion:

  • The promotion is valid only upon purchase of an EL AL flight ticket.
  • The promotion is valid for the following destinations: New York, London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Israel.

The benefit:
  • A one time benefit for the first ride with the intl. taxi service of Get Taxi in any one of the following destinations: New York: $25 (black cars only), London: £10, Moscow & St. Petersburg 300 Ruble, Israel: NIS 20.
  • The benefit will be given on rides paid by credit or debit cards only.

  • The promotion is valid between September 3rd and December 31st, 2013.

To realize the benefit:
  • Download the Get Taxi app for free
  • Enter "personal profile" and insert the benefit code ELAL before ordering the taxi.
  • Make sure the destination country is defined.
  • Insert credit or debit card details.
  • Order a taxi.
  • The benefit will be used with payment for the ride, at the end of the ride. The above mentioned benefit amount will be deducted from the payment according to the destination.
  • The benefit can be used only for rides paid with credit or debit cards in the above mentioned countries.

  • EL AL and Get Taxi are allowed to discontinue this promotion at any time and without early notice.
  • No cash or credit will be given for flights or other services and no refund will be given on unused or partially used benefits.
  • EL AL and Get Taxi are allowed, according to their own discretion to prevent the benefit from anyone who abuses the benefits given in this promotion or take any other action necessary according to the case at hand.
  • EL AL and Get Taxi will not be responsible in any way for any mistake and/or mishap that will prevent people who are entitled to use the promotion or prevented from using the benefit.
  • EL AL or anyone on its behalf and Get Taxi or anyone on its behalf will not be responsible directly or indirectly, for any damage to property or body (including revenue loss, savings loss, interference to business moves or any financial loss or other) and in particular any damage to property or body done to the ordering person and/or his employees and/or any third party, following or as a result of using the software or lack of, or as a result of relying on the software or it's products, or as a result of the services or use of them and/or contact with the services given by Get Taxi by taxi drivers ordered by it, including the manner in which services were given by the ordered taxi drivers.
  • These regulations apply to male, female, singular or plural.
  • In any case of conflict between these regulations and other advertisements of this promotion including printed, electronic and/or broadcast press, these regulations will overpower for any matter.