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EL AL “Zero Bags” Competition Regulations

Competition Regulations:

EL AL Israel Airlines Ltd. (henceforth EL AL or the company) herewith announces a prize bearing competition as part of the Zero Bags campaign (henceforth the campaign or the activity. Following are the campaign regulations:

  1. Period of the Campaign: The campaign will take place from May 1, 2012 to September 20, 2014
  2. Participation in the Campaign: Any surfer who intends to fly without baggage on a flight operated by EL AL (LY code flights operated on EL AL aircraft) and reports this intention in advance, as specified in the campaign regulations as they appear on the EL AL website, indicating the details requested on the website, is entitled to participate in the campaign, subject to these regulations, excluding EL AL personnel or retirees and their families who plan to fly using a reduced price ticket (as employees of EL AL).
    The competition is held for passengers on EL AL's international routes and does not include the domestic flights to Eilat.
  3. Manner of Participation and Campaign Details:
    • As part of the campaign, surfers can enter EL AL's website, report their intention to fly without checking baggage (freight/suitcase sent to the hold of the aircraft), up to 50 (fifty) hours before the scheduled departure time of their flights and fill in the requested details on the deal site.
    • A “participant” in the campaign is someone who registered in the above manner (reported up to 50 hours in advance about the intention to fly EL AL without baggage), and also actually flies without checking luggage in the hold (henceforth: flight without baggage).
    • The competition winners are the five passengers who flew the most flights without baggage during a quarterly period of the campaign.
    • If several passengers fly the same maximum number of flights without baggage in a given quarter, the winner will be determined by the order of precedence in amassing the flights without baggage (for example: the first passenger to accumulate the most flights during the quarter will be the first place winner).
      In case several passengers report their last flight on the same date, the winner will be determined by the order of precedence of the flight before last, etc.
    • In every quarter no more than 5 (five) participants will be winners, with each one winning a pair of roundtrip tickets on an EL AL flight, as specified below.
    • The first place winner will receive a pair of flight tickets to any one of EL AL's direct destinations. The other four winners will receive a pair of flight tickets to Europe. Thus, in every quarter a total of 10 flight tickets will be awarded to the campaign competition winners, of them 2 tickets to any one of EL AL's direct destinations and 8 tickets to Europe.
    • This is to clarify that the surfer, solely, bears responsibility for typing in the campaign participant’s personal details correctly and fully, as above, and EL AL bears no responsibility for verifying the details and/or the style and/or the typing (these details will be used for notifying the winner and/or sending the prize to the winner).
    • This is to clarify that registering on the campaign website and flying without baggage (carrying out the flight without luggage) does not guarantee winning the competition.
  4. The Competition Prize:
    • Ten roundtrip flight tickets will be awarded to the five winners (henceforth: the prize or the winning or the flight tickets) as follows: the first prize winner will receive a pair of tickets to one of EL AL's direct destinations (a destination EL AL flies to with no stopover), as chosen by the winner. The second to fifth prize winners will each receive a pair of tickets to one of EL AL's European destinations.
    • The prize is available for use as a whole, and may not be divided (i.e., including the return trip), from the day of notification of winning and for one year afterwards, subject to seat availability in the flight ticket class (as specified below).
    • After this time period, the winners’ right to use them will expire and they will not be entitled to use the prize or receive an alternative prize or any monetary compensation.
    • Economy Class ticket conditions will apply to the winning flight tickets, in accordance with the ticket classes as detailed below (henceforth ticket classes).
    • To central European destinations (Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria) – N class
    • To Eastern European destinations (Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland) - H class
    • To North American destinations – L class
    • To Far East destinations – N class
    • It is possible to reserve seats in lower classes than those specified above, but not in higher classes. Ticket conditions are available at EL AL offices and at the EL AL Telephone Service Center at 03-9771111.
    • The flight tickets will be awarded only for direct flights operated by EL AL (not including code share flights with another airline operated by another airline, even if they bear the EL AL code), on an assured seat basis, ordered in advance, and subject to seat availability on the desired flight in the appropriate class.
    • Taxes, levies and fees imposed by law for using the prize will be paid by the winners when issuing the tickets. Surcharges levied by EL AL will be paid by the winners.
    • The flight tickets will not earn EL AL Matmid Frequent Flyer Club points.
    • The tickets may be upgraded to higher classes, if allowed by class conditions.
    • The winner will book the ticket directly through an EL AL office, after presenting confirmation of the prize (that is sent to the winner).
    • The tickets will be subject to ticket conditions and EL AL's general transportation conditions as specified on the EL AL website.
    • EL AL or another party on EL AL's behalf will contact the winners, based on the details supplied as required as part of the activity.o If erroneous details were submitted and/or it is not possible to contact the winner within 5 (five) work days from the date of winning the prize, the prizes will be awarded to the participants next in line according to the criteria specified above, and so on.
    • To receive the prize, the winner will be required to present an identifying document. Receiving the prize is conditional on verification of the identity of the winner by EL AL in any legal way, at EL AL's discretion.
    • As a condition for receiving the prize, EL AL is entitled to require the winner to sign confirmations, affirmations and waivers in accordance with the directives of these regulations. If the winner does not sign such documents, the entitlement to the prize will be revoked.
    • Winning the prize is personal, in accordance with the details that were submitted when registering for the activity. The prize may not be transferred to another person and cannot be signed over or converted to any other prize and/or gift and/or cash and/or credit, and no amount will be refunded for not using the prize in full or in part.
    • EL AL retains the right to increase, decrease and change the prize and to offer an alternative prize, at its exclusive discretion.
  5. Cancelation of the Competition
    EL AL reserves the right to cancel the competition, in part or in its entirety, at its own discretion, if it becomes clear that a mistake, disruption or other disturbance occurred that might prevent participants from taking part in the activity, due to constraints that are not under EL AL's control or for any other reason, at EL AL's sole discretion, with no need to offer any explanation. Without detracting from the generality of the aforesaid, EL AL is entitled to change the structure, content, regulations and period of the activity, or any date specified within, type or quantity of prize/s and the manner of distributing the prize.
  6. Intellectual Property:
    All Intellectual Property rights in the activity, including patents, copyrights, commercial symbols and secrets of any kind, are the exclusive property of EL AL and/or other third parties, from whom EL AL received legal license to use them. These rights apply, among others, to every program, computer code, graphic file, commercial names and symbols (logos), text and all other materials included in the competition. No part of the aforesaid may be copied, distributed, exhibited in public or given to a third party without EL AL's agreement and/or as is pertinent – in advance and in writing.
  7. General:
    • Participants in the activity confirm that they have read, understood and agreed to all of the directives in the regulations and release EL AL and/or its employees and/or anyone on the company’s behalf from any claim and/or suit and/or demand in connection with the activity and/or any stage of the activity, and waive any claim related to these, with no exception. It is hereby clarified that the act of participating in the activity expresses and constitutes agreement to the conditions of the regulations and all of its parts. Surfers who participate in the activity confirm by their participation their agreement to the regulations and they release EL AL and/or anyone on the company’s behalf from any claim, demand or suit related, directly or indirectly with the activity and/or the winning and/or from any claim and/or demand and/or suit that might occur in the case of an error or mishap.
    • By participating in the activity, the participants agree that EL AL may make use of identifying details about them, including for sending updates, advertising information, marketing information, etc. If a participant does not agree to the aforesaid, he/she must inform EL AL of this in writing.
    • Every participant in the activity agrees and confirms that he/she may be covered, photographed and broadcast by the media, including television, press, the EL AL website and other websites, and that by participating in the activity, the participant expresses agreement to publishing and/or photographing his/her material, name, place of residence and photograph used in the framework of the said coverage and publications, including as part of EL AL's advertising campaign and sales promotion. At the same time, it should be clarified that EL AL is not committed to publishing such information about the participant and or his/her material.
    • In places where conditions are phrased in the masculine this is for convenience only, and they apply to females and to the plural as well as the singular.
    • In any case of contradiction and/or discrepancy of any kind between the directives of these regulations and any other publications about the activity, including the written and/or broadcast press and/or on the EL AL website, the directives of these regulations will prevail for all matters.
    • Participating in the activity is also subject to Facebook conditions for use and privacy policies; however the conditions of these regulations will prevail in the event of any contradiction between them.
    • Participation in the activity constitutes agreement on the part of the participants for EL AL to oversee their use of the activity framework. EL AL is entitled to use all information for overseeing and/or monitoring the activity and/or other needs of the activity and/or the need to implement the stipulations of all laws.
    • The participant in the activity declares, agrees and confirms that he/she knows that these regulations combine elements of entertainment and pleasure as part of participation in the activity, and that it is possible that, despite EL AL's efforts, disruptions, disturbances and/or mishaps may occur at any stage of the activity.
    • EL AL is entitled to change the structure of the activity, its stages, its program, its format, its procedures and its time period, at its absolute discretion, in cases in which such changes are justified. Notification about changes in the terms of the activity as specified in this clause will be given through the EL AL website and/or in any other way EL AL deems to be proper.
    • Wherever “at EL AL's discretion” is stipulated in these regulations, there shall be no claim or demand of any kind on EL AL or on anyone acting on EL AL's behalf regarding its deliberations. The determinations will be solely those of EL AL, with no obligation to explain. All EL AL decisions in matters pertaining to the activity are final and decisive.
    • The description of the prize in these regulations and/or in any other EL AL publication is general and not binding. EL AL is entitled to change the prizes offered within the framework of the activity at its discretion.
    • EL AL reserves the right to distribute additional prizes at any time, at its sole discretion.
    • EL AL reserves the right to cancel or change parts of the activity and/or the regulations at its sole discretion.
    • Without detracting from the directives of these regulations or of any laws, EL AL will be entitled to withhold any prize from anyone who earned it by committing an offence or an illegal act.
    • The participant is responsible for adhering to the timetable as specified in these regulations.
    • If authorizations are required from third parties and/or relevant authorities for participating in the activity and/or at any stage of the activity and/or for the winner/s to use the prizes for the activity, these authorizations will be considered additional stipulations for participating in the activity and/or using the prize.
    • If a mishap of any type occurs, including but not limited to the media network and/or computer network and/or electric network and/or force majeure that can directly or indirectly affect the proper management of the activity and/or prevent any person from participating in the activity, the participants will have no claim and/or demand and/or suit against EL AL and/or anyone on EL AL's behalf for any damage, loss, or expense that results.
    • Without detracting from the aforesaid generality, the participant agrees and undertakes that any mishap, disruption, tardiness, etc. resulting from force majeure, war (including war between nations or parties other than Israel), air accident, strike, sanctions, terror attacks, natural disaster and any other incident that is not under EL AL's control, will not be considered a breach of these regulations and will not entitle the participant to any aid and/or right and/or remedy.
    • To remove any doubt, no surfer and/or participant shall have any claim or right at all with regard to actions taken by EL AL due to a mishap and/or error as aforesaid, and/or regarding any direct or indirect damage, including direct or indirect expenses incurred by the above actions.
    • Participation in the activity is at the sole responsibility of the participant. EL AL and/or any party on EL AL's behalf will not bear responsibility and will not be required to bear the cost of indemnifying participants and will not be required to indemnify any participant for any expense of any type or kind and/or loss and/or direct or indirect damage caused through direct or indirect participation in the activity.
    • This is to clarify that EL AL will not bear responsibility for any damage and/or flaw and/or mishap and/or breakdown caused by utilization of the prize and/or participation in the activity. Responsibility will fall only on the prize winner.
    • If EL AL receives information according to which the prize was won through the commission of a crime, fraud or illegality or through violation of any conditions of these regulations, EL AL will be entitled to withhold the prize from the said participant and/or demand the return of the prize from whoever won it in the aforesaid circumstances.
    • For clarifications and questions contact EL AL’s Customer Service at customer@elal.co.il

We welcome you to the competition and wish you success!