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Guidelines Regarding Hand Luggage to / from Hong Kong

Guidelines Regarding Hand Luggage to / from Hong Kong
Hong Kong has joined the destinations forbidding the conveyance of certain items such as fluids, creams and the like, of specific dimensions, in hand luggage when departing Hong Kong, as in EU countries and the United States.

The following items may not be carried in hand luggage,
The above also applies to passengers with continuation flights, meaning passengers from Ben-Gurion Airport to Hong Kong, continuing on flights to other destinations, who have purchased duty free products in duty free shops or on the plane during the flight that are prohibited for carriage in hand luggage. These products will be confiscated by the local security authorities.

The following conditions apply:

  • The contents of each item should not exceed 100 ml.
  • All items must be compactly packed into a transparent re-sealable plastic bag.
  • The total contents in the bag should not exceed 1 liter in volume.
  • Every passenger is entitled to carry only one such bag in his/her hand luggage.
  • Medications and special food (such as baby food) that must be used during the flight may be taken on board without packing them in a plastic bag. These items must be presented separately at the security check.
  • Duty free items that do not conform to these conditions (such as bottles of alcoholic beverages) may not be taken on board the plane.

It is permissible to carry on to the plane duty free items that were purchased at Hong Kong airport. These products must be in a sealed bag and passengers must present a properly dated receipt from the place where it was purchased.

Products that do not meet the requirements as well as products purchased at duty free shops of airports not in Hong Kong will be confiscated.
Please note that only the aforementioned products must be stored in a plastic bag. All other items that passengers wish to take with them can be packed into hand luggage in the usual manner.

The bag may be placed in the hand luggage and taken out at the security check at Hong Kong airport.