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Guidelines Regarding Hand Luggage on Flights Departing from Mumbai

Guidelines Regarding Hand Luggage on Flights Departing from Mumbai
On flights departing Mumbai (India) security checks are now stricter. Every passenger will be checked, including removal of shoes.
From now on it will not be permitted to carry on to the plane, in addition to the aforementioned list, the following items:

  • Electronic products, IPOD, Compact Disk or Walkman
  • These items should be sent with suitcases at the check-in counters.

Items that may not be taken on board in a carry-on case:

  1. Liquids and creams of all sorts
  2. Liquid soap and shampoo
  3. Makeup: mascara, lip gloss
  4. Suntan lotion
  5. Toothpaste
  6. Liquid food such as jams, sauces, yogurts and soups
  7. Sharp items
  8. Lighters and matches
  9. Liquid toiletries (such as perfume or deodorant)
*These items may be purchased in duty free and left in Israel (tax exempt and stored)Passengers who are not returning to Israel are requested not to purchase these duty free products.

Items that may be carried on to the plane in hand luggage:
*Please note: You are entitled to one piece of hand luggage.

  1. A purse (money + credit cards)
  2. Travel documents
  3. Prescription medications (only those required for use on the flight)
  4. Eyeglasses and sunglasses (without the case)
  5. Contact lenses with a small amount of liquid (without the actual bottle for the liquid)
  6. Equipment for babies: baby food, milk in a baby bottle, diapers, diaper cream
  7. Products for personal hygiene: tissues, handkerchief, women's personal hygiene products
  8. Keys, but not electronic keys
  9. Laptop computer
  10. Toothbrush
  11. Hairbrush
  12. Food: sandwich, fruit, vegetables and any product that is not liquid; pencils and non-liquid pens
  13. Cigarettes without a lighter
*All of these items can be stored in the hold of the plane.

  • Wheelchairs and walking aids will also be x-rayed.
  • Please note: notwithstanding all of the aforementioned checks, other checks may be made at the boarding gates.
  • Passengers with continuation flights may purchase duty free products only if they leave the products in Israel (tax exempt and stored).
  • Products that may not be taken on the plane cannot be purchased on the plane by passengers who have continuation flights.
  • There are no additional restrictions on products that are in luggage in the hold of the plane.