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Matmid Club Benefits

Baggage Award - Terms and Conditions:

  1. Top Platinum Matmid Frequent Flyer Club members may issue baggage vouchers from their accounts for family members and other acquaintances.
  2. The baggage award is for a second piece of luggage to be stored in the hold of the aircraft weighing up to 23 kilos to/ from EL AL destinations, in Economy Class. (Every member is entitled to purchase only one voucher per flight segment).
  3. The cost of the benefit:
    To EL AL destinations in Europe and Middle East - 200 points per direction.
    North America, the Far East and Johannesburg – 230 points per direction. 
    Baggage benefit awards remain valid for six months from their date of issue
  4. Missing points cannot be supplemented with money
  5. To take advantage of the benefit, enter your personal account, using the identification window on the right side of the home page.
  6. Type in your Matmid membership number including the additional digit and your password (in the identification window on the left side of the page) and click on Enter.
  7. In the menu, at the top of the page, choose the “Utilizing Points” category, select “Issue a baggage award” and then continue according to website directions.
  8. To utilize the benefit, the baggage award must be printed out prior to departure and presented upon check-in at the EL AL counter.
  9. The voucher cannot be converted to money.
  10. The benefit may be used on EL AL direct flights, not including code share flights, UP flights and continuation flights to destinations with other airlines, for which the baggage conditions are according to the flight route.
  11. Without detracting from the aforesaid, as defined in the Consumer Protection Law, 5771 – 2010, the baggage voucher can be canceled as follows:
    • A baggage award that has not been used (up to one day before the flight departure date) can be refunded to the member's account, keeping its original validity date.
    • After the flight, if the baggage award was not used, it cannot be canceled and points will not be refunded to the member’s account.
    • Requests for canceling the baggage award will be honored on condition that notice is given 6 hours before the flight departure time.
    • Cancelation of the baggage award will be handled by the EL AL Service Center at Tel. 03-9771111.
  12. Changes in the flight number and date of flight on the baggage award will be allowed at an EL AL counter during check in.
  13. A baggage award is valid for 6 months from the day it was issued.
  14. If the baggage award benefit is abused, the member will be charged for the cost of the service.
  15. EL AL may cancel the benefit or change its conditions at any time with no prior notice.
  16. Subject to the benefit conditions and to EL AL regulations and rules as published on the EL AL website.
  17. Regarding EL AL flights, EL AL's general transportation conditions as specified on the EL AL website will apply.
  18. Errors and omissions excepted