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Donating EL AL Points in Cooperation with the International Fellowship

Campaign regulations:

  1. General
    El Al Israel Airlines, Ltd. (henceforth, “El Al”), the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, and the Soldiers’ Welfare Association are initiating a joint campaign with the purpose of encouraging members of El Al’s frequent flyer club (henceforth, “the club”) to donate club points for the Soldiers’ Welfare Association (henceforth, “the Soldiers’ Welfare Association” or “the association”) in order to fly lone soldiers for a family visit abroad (henceforth, “the campaign”).

  2. Period of the campaign
    Members of the frequent flyer club are invited to donate points for this purpose from September 1, 2013 to October 31, 2013 (henceforth, “the period of the campaign”). El Al will be entitled to extend or shorten the period of the campaign at its discretion. If there is a change in the period of the campaign, an announcement will be published.

  3. Who is entitled to donate
    Club members are entitled to donate points in the framework of the campaign (Israel and abroad) subject to the terms specified in these regulations and to the provisions of section 4 below (henceforth, “the member” or “the club member”).
    Please note that donation of club points is not recognized as a contribution for tax purposes.

  4. Mode of operation and making a donation

    • During the period of the campaign, a member may donate points to the account of the Soldiers’ Welfare Association on El Al’s website.
    • A request to donate will be answered only if the following details are provided: member number, personal Internet password, and the number of points the member is interested in donating.
    • A member will be entitled to donate club points only if at the time of the request to donate, there are valid club points in the member’s account.
    • A member will be entitled to donate club points in an amount not exceeding the total number of points at the member’s disposal on the day the points are debited from the member’s account.
    • Transfer of points is irrevocable.
    • Points intended to be donated in the campaign may not be purchased.
    • The period of validity of the points after their transfer to the account of the Soldiers’ Welfare Association will be in accordance with the original period of validity in the member’s account, as specified in the club regulations.
    • Debiting of points from the account transferring the points will be done according to the following priorities:
      • Basic points and/or Extra points on the basis of the nearest expiration date
      • Partner points

  5. As part of the campaign, El Al will donate one point for each point donated by club members. El Al’s contribution will be at its expense only and will not exceed 200,000 points. The points donated by El Al will be Extra points that are valid for three years.

  6. Using points to obtain plane tickets
    The use of bonus tickets by lone soldiers will be subject to the regulations and rules of the club and the agreement signed between the club and the Soldiers’ Welfare Association. The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews will take care of funding for connecting flights for soldiers whose families live in destinations that are not direct El Al destinations.

  7. These regulations are written in the masculine gender for reasons of convenience only and the use of this form is to be understood as referring to the female gender and/or the plural as well.

  8. In the event of a contradiction and/or any lack of consistency between the provisions of these regulations and any other publications concerning the campaign, including in the written and/or broadcast media and/or El Al’s website and/or websites, the provisions of these regulations will prevail for all intents and purposes.

  9. El Al will be entitled to change the structure of the campaign, its stages, content, format, procedures, and duration at its absolute discretion in cases which, from its perspective, justify such a change. An announcement of a change in the terms of the campaign as noted in this section will be made on El Al’s website and/or in any other way El Al deems appropriate.

  10. Anywhere that it is written in these regulations that the discretion is El Al’s, there will be no claim or demand of any kind made of El Al or anyone acting on its behalf because of the discretion it exercised, and the discretion will be exclusively El Al’s and no obligation to explain will apply to it. El Al’s determination on any matter relating to the campaign will be final and decisive.

  11. El Al reserves the right to cancel or change parts of the competition and/or the regulations at its sole discretion.

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