1. How can I join the "Matmid" Club?

Click here for a Registration Form or call the Frequent Flyer Club - UK on 020 7121 1400. Complete the form and mail it to,
The Frequent Flyer Club, EL AL Israel Airlines,
16 Upper Woburn Place, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 0AF.
Include a cheque, per person, of £15.00 for the "Matmid" club.
Credit card payment can be mailed or faxed to 020 7121 1435.
2. How many points are earned on each flight? Between the UK & Israel, Each way:

Classes T,L,G,O and Sun D'or flights  

 25 points

 Classes K,V,E,U,H and N  

50 points

 Classes Y,S,M,Q,B and W*  

100 points

 Classes D,Z and I  

200 points

 Classes C and A  

225 points

 Classes F  

 250 points 

*When W is purchased with money

3. Are there any restrictions for bonus travel?

EL AL has a very generous Frequent Flyer program. There are no blackout dates for bonus tickets. Bookings must be made in the following classes:
First Class –P–, Club Class –W–, Economy Class –J–.

4. How many points are required for a bonus ticket & a bonus upgrade?

Bonus ticket & upgrade vouchers are for Club Members and any other passenger of their choosing. There is a charge of £20 to amend the name of the person, authorised to use the voucher, once it has been issued

Tickets between UK & Israel


 Economy Class  

Business Class  

First Class

One Way  









Permitted on full fare Economy (Y) Class tickets originating in the UK for the London – Tel Aviv route to Business (Z) Class or full fare Business (I/C) Class to First (A) Class

An upgrade voucher for the UK / ISRAEL route requires 200 points in each direction

For more information regarding the exact cost of an upgrade voucher for all routes please click on
Matmid Upgrades

5. How do I know if I can use an upgrade on the Economy fare I am purchasing?
An upgrade voucher from Economy to Business class is applicable on Y, S and M class tickets except on the Spain, UK and Switzerland route where the upgrade voucher is applicable only on Y class tickets.

An upgrade from Business Class to First class is applicable on I or C Class tickets.

Your ticket can be upgraded with a voucher, through your travel agent or EL AL city ticket offices.

An upgrade voucher will not be accepted at the airport before your flight.

6. Can I upgrade from Economy Class to First Class?

No. You can only upgrade one class e.g. On the UK Israel route you can upgrade from Economy Class (Y) to Business Class (Z) or from Full Fare Business Class ( I/C) to First class (A) subject to availability.

7. How do I request a bonus voucher / ticket?

If you do not have Internet access please call ELAL 020 7121 1400 or FAX 020 7121 1435 and our staff will be able to assist you with bonus reservations and ticketing.

You may also make BONUS flight reservations with ELAL or your travel agent and use the INTERNET to issue the ticket from your account yourself. (Remember to ask for your six digit ELAL booking reference number which you will need this to issue the ticket).

Bonus ticket and upgrade vouchers must be ticketed at EL AL offices up to 24 hours (full work days) before the flight date. Ticketing within 72-24 hours prior to departure is subject to a charge of (GBP) £30. No vouchers or bonus tickets will be issued under within 24 hours (one working day) of departure. departure.

8. How long are points good for?

Members have up to 3 years to earn points towards a bonus voucher. Unutilised Points expire after 3 years.

The "Matmid" Club is a program for individuals only.
Members cannot transfer points to another members' account. Additionally, Members cannot combine points
from different accounts towards the purchase of a bonus voucher.

9. Do I earn points if I use a bonus voucher to travel?
If you use a bonus voucher to receive a bonus ticket you cannot earn Frequent Flyer points even if some of the points for your ticket were purchased. If you use a bonus voucher to upgrade a ticket you purchased with money you will earn points for the base ticket and not for the class of service for which you used the voucher to upgrade.

10. Can I earn points without flying EL AL?

Click accordingly on the link below to get a list of Matmid Partners
* Please note the Frequent Flyer Club in the UK do not presently have any agreements for points with any credit card companies.

11. Questions not answered here
First, check to see if the question is answered elsewhere on our website or fax your questions to the Frequent Flyer Club, UK at 020 7121 1435