Additional Information

  • An award ticket or upgrade can be transferred to any person, provided that the name of the passenger flying with the ticket is recorded when booking your award flight.
  • Only passengers who have booked EL AL flights with the LY code (not including code share flights) are eligible for upgrades.
  • Changing the name of the passenger on the award ticket is not allowed
  • An upgrade benefit provides a seat in a higher Class, but does not change the basic ticket conditions.
  • An upgrade can be done from the day the reservation is made and until the day of the flight by travel agents and at all El Al branches. Upgrade awards cannot be used at the airport.
  • A child's ticket cannot be upgraded unless it was purchased at adult ticket prices and the ticket conditions allow an upgrade.
  • Points cannot be earned on an upgrade purchased with points or with a combination of points and money. Points are earned according to the original Class in which the ticket was purchased before the upgrade.
  • For cancellations and changes policy of bonus tickets and upgrades to premium classes Click here.