EL AL Platinum Services
EL AL Platinum Services

As a member of Platinum, you can enjoy Concierge services anyplace in the world through a Service Center staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
The Center will offer you service from a broad and excellent information bank on a variety of cultural and leisure activities in Israel and worldwide.

Worldwide Assistance:

  • Tickets and information about shows, plays, museums, sports events (soccer, basketball, tennis…), trains or any tourist site in the world
  • Tourism information about every site, city or place in the world
  • The most detailed information available about events, fairs and shows, by date and venue
  • Assistance with taxi, limousine and private chauffeur services from every airport or hotel
  • Delivery of flowers and/or gifts from and to any place in the world, at any given time
  • Restaurant reservations anywhere + lists of kosher or non-kosher restaurants around the world
  • Medical assistance: locating clinics / hospitals / specialists worldwide.
  • Legal assistance: locating lawyers’ offices and courtrooms around the world
Assistance in Israel
  • Full information within a short time about plays, shows and other events
  • Recommendations and assistance in organizing romantic events / birthdays (for children and adults) / bachelor parties and more
  • Sending flowers and/or gifts
  • Spas and other indulgences throughout Israel
  • Private lessons and courses (dance, acting, martial arts and more)
  • Private flights over Israel
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Romance: Sunset horseback rides, romantic dining at home or outdoors, yachting, accommodations in the Galilee…
And more…

For more information and to receive service, call 1-800-30-3525 / 09-9577447 or enter the website: http://elal.smartservice.co.il
    Publish Date 06/04/2008