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  EL AL Embrace Israel with the GlobaLY Plan

EL AL is proud to present the GlobaLY Program for Matmid Club members living outside of Israel.

Through this Program, EL AL will contribute the equivalent of 5% of all *points earned by members of the Program to organizations that strengthen ties with Israel. The causes are as follows:
  1. Bringing young Diaspora Jews to Israel , in conjunction with Taglit-Birthright Israel
  2. Flying lone IDF soldiers abroad to visit their families, in cooperation with the Association for the Wellbeing of Israel’s Soldiers. (Aguda Lema'an Hachayal)
  3. Helping fulfill the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses, together with the Make-A-Wish Israel.

The point donation will be made quarterly, solely at EL AL's expense, and members of the Program will be updated regarding the number of points that EL AL contributed to the select organizations.

To be a partner to this contribution, all you have to do is link up to the GlobaLY Program. Every time you fly EL AL, the airline will make a contribution equivalent to 5% of the *points you earned.

* Up to half a million points per year

How to Join the GlobaLY Program
Passengers who are still not members of the Matmid Club and would like to join the GlobaLY Program may join the Matmid Club free of charge. On the registration form, you may choose to join the GlobaLY Program and work with us to strengthen Israel.
For free membership in the Matmid Club and in the GlobaLY Program Click here.

Passengers who are already members of the EL AL Matmid Club can join the GlobaLY Program as follows:

  • Enter the Matmid Club website using your Club membership number and password.
  • Click on the Special Programs tab on the upper menu
  • Click on the GlobaLY Program tab.

To join the GlobaLY Program using your membership number and Club password, Click here.

GlobaLY Program members will receive a special Club membership card branded with the GlobaLY Program logo.

As mentioned the contribution is solely at EL AL's expense; of course, if you wish, you may also contribute points from your account. To donate points from your account click here.

Thanks to your membership in the GlobaLY Program, every one of your flights strengthens Israel.

Publish Date 09/08/2011