We proudly present our newest product: "KARTISIA"

FLY A LOT?  Would you like to be sure of getting the best possible price, the best possible conditions, that  your  trips and travel are with peace of mind?

EL AL offers the perfect solution!
Purchase a Ticket Pack for a minimum of 10 flights a year!

Perfect solution!

STUDENTS - A minimum of 3 roundtrip flight tickets may be purchase on our lowest fares ,
With Special benefits like: extra bag, no penalty for  first change…

– a variety of 3 kind of “kartisiot” based on different fares and classes
 all good for a minimum  weekend in Israel  , first change free….

You can find the “Kartisia” that suits you starting with
348 euro (per ticket), 450 euro or 513 euro (per ticket )

For reservations and sales please don’t hesitate to contact us:
Tel : 021.317.88.60/1/2/3/8
tickets@elal.ro  tours@elal.ro  reservation@elal.ro

First published at September 9, 2012

Publish Date 28/10/12
For more information, please contact the Direct Sales Center at 40 (21) 3178860/1/2/3.