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Tel Aviv




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1.12.2014 - 24.3.2015


Departing between
1.12.2014 - 24.3.2015






  Things to do in Israel  

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Attractions in Tel Aviv -

Tel Aviv is undoubtedly the Israeli center of pastime, leisure,
business and culture. Tel Aviv invites its visitors to enjoy the many
festivals, markets, beautiful beaches and great shopping options;
it is a city of restaurants, clubs and theaters, music and opera centers
in addition to the unique urban landscape. It is not in vain that Tel Aviv
is considered to be a city that never sleeps, and it is not in vain that
millions of tourists visit it yearly, taking part in its unique atmosphere,
moving to its swift and exciting rhythm

Holidays Vacation in Eilat -

Eilat is a real attraction both for Israelis who hop over for a short
abroad like vacation and for tourists who enjoy spending time in
a city that represents vacation, sun and sea. Eilat has many hotels
that are fully booked throughout the year, as well as restaurants,
clubs, a beautiful beach and naturally, a variety of attractions
for pastime and leisure that are available in this southern city.

Vacation in the Dead Sea -

The Dead Sea in Israel is not only the lowest place in the world,
but also a place of nature, legacy and beauty. The Dead Sea is
considered to be the largest natural spa in the world,as well as
a universal center of treatment for a variety of health problems.
The Dead Sea region offers you a great variety of historical centers,
treatment centers and recreation and leisure hotels as well as kibbutzs,
settlements and beautiful travelling routes.

Tours in Jerusalem -

It is difficult to summarize Jerusalem in a few words, however;
it is for a reason that Jerusalem attracts hundreds of thousands
of tourists each year. It is for a reason that Jerusalem is sacred
to the three main religions, it is for a reason that it tells the tale of
so many years of history and heritage, and it is for a reason that it is
the heart desire of many who visit it from all over the world.

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