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(l-r) Consul General of Israel Ido Aharoni, EL AL President Elyezer Shkedy, and Director of the EL AL Ambassador Program Alon Futterman
(photo credit: Shimon Golding)

(Back row, l-r) EL AL Vice President Danny Saadon, North and Central America and Consul General Ido Aharoni with EL AL Ambassadors
(photo credit: Shimon Golding)

NEW YORK – Nov. 10, 2011
– EL AL, the national airline of Israel, is pleased to announce the launch of a first-ever “ambassador” program, intended to foster goodwill and diplomacy through the airline’s Israeli pilots and flight attendants.  Initiated in conjunction with The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)Stand With Us (an Israeli non-profit organization), and the Israeli Foreign Ministry, this “ambassador” program enrolls highly selected EL AL personnel to share personal anecdotes about their lives in Israel.

These volunteers, who are articulate and fluent in English, will speak to organizations, students of all ages (in local schools as well as on university campuses), synagogues churches and community centers in the New York, Los Angeles and Toronto areas.  It is the first time in Israeli history that a private sector corporation has taken on a “people-to-people” project of this nature.  All volunteers are required to participate in a three-month training program instructed by the partner organizations.

The EL AL “ambassadors” will focus on engaging in talks that are geared to a specific audience and will combine their personal achievements with the non-political side of Israel: science, culture, agriculture, assistance in international humanitarian crises and advances in medicine.  Potential hosts can choose from various programs which are all free of charge.

EL AL President Elyezer Shkedy stated, “The EL AL “ambassador” initiative marks an unprecedented effort by a company to spread the image of Israel in a personal way at an international level. The mission of this program is to improve and strengthen Israel’s image around the world.”

"By calling upon our top pilots and flight attendants, we aim to best educate and inspire groups from North America as advocates for Israel," added Danny Saadon, EL AL Vice President, North and Central America.

To schedule a program, please contact the office of the Israeli Consulate General of New York via the following link: click here, or Alon Futterman at the Jewish Agency at alonfu@jafi.org.

For information about EL AL or to book any EL AL flight, visit www.elal.com or call EL AL (800) 223-6700. Please visit the EL AL blog, Skywords with EL AL, and follow EL AL on Facebook  and Twitter.

Publish Date 13/11/2011