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“19 Kids and Counting” Fly EL AL to Israel

NEW YORK – Sept. 21, 2011
– The famous Duggar Family, known for the TLC reality television series, “19 Kids and Counting,” traveled to Israel aboard EL AL Airlines with a TV crew to film their show as well as tour the country. The super family totaled 26 people and included the two parents (Michelle and Jim Bob), the 19 Duggar children, one daughter-in-law, two grandchildren, one grandmother and one cousin, ranging in age from two months to 70 years old.
The Duggars checked 24 bags (totaling 720 pounds) as well as three strollers and four car seats. The family is ready for all occasions as each person packed 10 outfits (a total of 260 outfits) and three pairs of shoes (a total of 78 pairs). They also travel with 70 baby bottles and 40 hair bows for the children.

Celebrity Super Family “The Duggars” Travel with 720 Pounds of Luggage 
78 Pairs of Shoes, 70 Baby Bottles & 40 Hair Bows

Publish Date 22/09/2011