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Airline Ratings: EL AL Surpasses the European Airlines

EL AL came in 18th in a survey of the world’s best airlines conducted by the popular Leisure & Travel magazine. Among the praises for EL AL mentioned in the article were the airline’s “improved service” and “winning menu.” And what do you think of EL AL?

EL AL ranked 18th in rating of the world’s best airlines, according to a readers’ survey conducted by the popular Leisure & Travel tourism magazine.
In the list published in the November edition of Leisure & Travel, first place went to Singapore Airlines, which has topped the list for 17 years. Air New Zealand came in second, followed by Emirates, Korean Airlines and Cathay Pacific. The article was published in Mamon, the daily Yediot Aharonot’s financial magazine.

The list of the 20 best airlines in the world, based on cabin comfort, food and inflight and ground service, was dominated by airlines from Southeast Asia and the Persian Gulf Emirates, among them Asiana, Qatar Airways, Thai, All Nippon, Japan Airlines and Qantas.
Among the non-Asian airlines, Virgin America ranked seventh and Virgin Atlantic placed ninth. The American Jet Blue ranked 16, followed by Swiss, EL AL (18) Finnair and closing the list of 20 – Lufthansa.

The magazine article mentions that EL AL already made the top 20 list in 2007, but dropped to 31st place in last year’s ratings.
“Improved cabin comfort and greatly improved service in the air and on the ground as well as a winning menu elevated EL AL's rating to 18th place. Also, in the area of innovation, the magazine refers to the airline’s upgrades program, in which passengers submit bids for upgrading from Economy to Business Class, positioning EL AL as an airline that offers its customers better value.

Dani Sadeh       
Published November 27, 2012
Data di pubblicazione: 12/02/2012