EL AL Airlines - Subsidiaries

EL AL Airlines is a company, consisting of several subsidiaries.
Israel Flights and other services are  provided by El Al Airlines

Group Structure

  • Sun D'Or (Israel) – 100% For the transport of passengers and cargo on charter Israel flights
  • Tamam (Israel) – 100% For the production and provision of prepared kosher inflight meals
  • Catit (Israel) – 100% For the operation of a restaurant and commissaries at EL AL Head Office at Ben-Gurion Airport
  • Superstar Holidays (UK) – 100% For the marketing of tour packages and reduced price ticket sales on EL AL routes
  • Borenstein Caterers (USA) – 100% For the production and provision of prepared kosher meals for airlines and other institutions, operating at JFK Airport in New York
  • ACI (Air Consolidators Israel) – 50% For the consolidation of air freight at Ben-Gurion Airport to enable reduced cost air shipments
  • Airtour (Air Tour Israel) – 50% For the marketing of flights to and from Israel and special deals
  • Holiday Lines (Kavei Hufsha Israel) – 20% For the marketing and sales of tourism services, including as a wholesaler and as an organizer of charter flights from and to Israel

Expansion of subsidiaries see the company annual report for 2011.