Fear of Flying – Dealing with Aerophobia

Miki Katz

EL AL Captain Miki Katz offers useful tips
on dealing with fear of flying

Fear of flying is a well known phobia that, to some extent, affects many people, of all ages and in all segments of the population around the world. Severe fear of flying can make life difficult by restricting sufferers who avoid flying entirely and thus miss out on family events, business, touring and vacations. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on the problem and offer a number of useful tips for coping with fear of flying.

What is fear of flying and how can it be handled?

When and how is fear of flying experienced?

Generally, fear of flying begins several hours or even days before a flight and gets worse as flight time approaches. For the most part, people who do not suffer from fear of flying get more and more excited as the flight time approaches, but not people with fear of flying. Quite the contrary: these people may consider canceling the flight or they will buy sleeping pills or check and re-check the safety of the aircraft.

How to Cope with Fear of Flying

Miki Katz has been leading “Relaxed Flight Seminars” since 1995 and has earned a reputation as one of the best and most effective in the world in this area. According to this veteran and experienced pilot, there are several ways to help sufferers to overcome their anxiety:

An ounce of prevention – The problem should be treated as early as possible and not ignored. No one should settle for a life without overseas travel. This is a widespread problem that can be relieved.

At the airport – It is recommended to arrive at the airport several hours before your flight. Drink coffee, shop, bring a good book with you, or a laptop or anything that will allow you to calm down before the flight. It’s good to arrive alert, after sleeping several hours.

Alcohol – Despite its image as a sedative, it is not advisable to overindulge in alcoholic beverages inflight. Although the aim is to relieve anxiety, drinking generally has the opposite effect. Intemperate drinking creates dependence and makes it harder to function in stressful conditions.

Tranquillizers – It is not advisable to use tranquillizers or sleeping pills, as they tend to help people who are calm. Therefore, the use of sleeping pills for people suffering from anxiety is not effective.

Fear of closed places – The air-conditioning system on the plane provides clean fresh air throughout the flight. People suffering from claustrophobia should be aware of this and take this fact into consideration, to lessen their anxiety.

Do you suffer from fear of flying?

If you identified with a number of the anxiety symptoms, you may belong to the approximately 30% of the population in Western countries who have aerophobia. If you suffer from any level of fear of flying, you are welcome to participate in the Relaxed Flight Seminars to help ease your anxiety.

EL AL Airlines makes every effort to help you free yourself of the anxiety and fly in a pleasant, calm and quiet atmosphere. With the assistance of the Relaxed Flight Seminar, the airline will do everything it can to make you feel at home.

Experience speaks for itself. Since 1995 many people have participated in the seminar. In the past, some of them had avoided flying when they could for many years. Others flew and suffered through the flight and some never flew. Today, after completing the seminar, all of them can fly without fear and without restrictions.

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