Baggage Allowance for Flights from / to Russia

EL AL personal luggage at no extra cost for your utmost convenience

EL AL does its utmost to provide you with ideal flight conditions throughout your journey, so that you can enjoy a safe and comfortable flight. In addition to the free checked baggage allowance, you may take personal items as cabin baggage at no extra charge. These items must be placed in the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you.

The size, weight and handling of personal hand luggage in the passenger cabin all impact on your inflight comfort and safety. Therefore, size and weight limits have been established for every piece of hand luggage permitted on board the plane, according to the Class in which you are seated.

When storing space is limited, passengers may be asked to check-in their hand bag.

EL AL baggage allowance rules

Details of baggage limits for storage in the hold of the plane:

The information below relates to EL AL flights on EL AL planes and does not apply to code share flights with other carriers.

Baggage Allowance Per Passenger

Economy Class

1 piece Up to 23 kg (50 pound)

Business Class

2 pieces Up to 32kg each (70 pound)

First Class

3 pieces Up to 32kg each (70 pound)

Silver Matmid members

1 piece up to 28 kg in Economy Class

Top Platinum, Platinum and Gold Matmid Club members

1 piece Up to 32 kg in Economy Class


1 piece Up to 10kg
The sum of the 3 dimensions shall not exceed 45 inches (115cm.)

Parents traveling with a baby are entitled to bring a fully collapsible stroller, an infant’s carry-seat or car seat, to be brought to the entrance to the plane.
The baby carriage may be used up to the aircraft entrance door; it will then be sent down to the baggage hold. If you have a carry cot or safety seat, it will be tagged at check-in and sent directly to the hold.

If a passenger flies without a baby but brings an infant seat or carrier, the equipment will be counted as part of the passenger's baggage allowance.

For more information: Flying with Infants.

EL AL overweight / excess baggage charges

Economy Class Flights $20 charge for overweight between 23 Kg / 50 Lbs and 26 Kg / 70 Lbs
$50 charge for  overweight between 26 Kg / 57 Lbs and 32 Kg / 70 Lbs
$100 charge for second piece up to 23Kg / 50 Lbs
1.5% of the Full Fare Economy Class ticket price (Y class)
for every kilo, in each direction as of the 3rd checked bag
* The exact rate will be given at the EL AL counter
at the airport.
Business Class Flights

$100 charge for third piece up to 32Kg / 70 Lbs

Thereafter 1.5% of the full cost of an economy class (Y class)
ticket for every extra kilo, one-way
* Exact charge will be given at the El Al counter
at the airport
First Class Flights 1.5% of the full cost of an economy class (Y class)
ticket for every extra kilo, one-way
* Exact charge will be given at the El Al counter
at the airport

  • All the above information refers to EL AL flights on EL AL aircraft and excludes code-share and other cariers' flights.
  • Prices are for one way.