Games and Gifts
Flights for children with El AL – Games and gifts


Games and gifts with El AL Family Flights – Every flight is an enjoyable flight for children!

On every EL AL flight, we present each child with a fun game to suit him or her. The child chooses between two different fun games. A game board  includes two games: Chutes and Ladders and Race to the Flight. A Sonic and Little Pony game board, with leading popular familiar characters
In addition, Origami Fun includes 8 different challenging paper folds. The pages are branded with the characters Kitty and Galactic Football. We have been presenting our young passengers with brand name gifts

  Flights for children with El AL – Games and gifts

Certificates for Children Flying EL AL  
Infants and children up to age 12 receive an "El Al Flight Certificate" as a souvenir

Children flights with El Al Israel Airlines

Drawings from ELALCHIK Flights July 2006